Big Little Lies (Season 1 Summary)

Date I finished watching it: April 23, 2017 (Season 1, Episode 1 to 7)

Jane Chapman is a single mom who just moved to a new town. Her first friend is Madeline Mackenzie, a very influential parent whom she met while they were on their way to her son’s school. Madeline introduced her to other parents like Renata, Nathan (Madeline’s ex-husband), Bonnie (Nathan’s new girlfriend), and Celeste (Madeline’s best friend).

Jane, Madeline, and Celeste became very close. They share tea (sometimes coffee) at a local cafe and gossip or just talk about their lives. Jane talks about the father of her son, with whom she simply had a one-night stand. She describes him as a nice man at first but later becomes aggressive. Madeline talks about her struggles as a mother of Abby (her teenage daughter) and her fondness for Bonnie. She also mentioned her affair with Joseph, her colleague at the theatre. Madeline and Jane were most problematic and struggling, while Celeste appears to lead a perfect life. Also, Jane’s son, Ziggy, was accused of bullying and hurting Renata’s daughter. Ziggy doesn’t have friends because of what he was charged with. Renata was also furious all the time. Madeline sides with Jane and becomes very competitive against Renata. Joseph’s wife, Tori, found out about Madeline when they were in an accident together. Fortunately, Madeline’s husband didn’t suspect.

This miniseries ends with Celeste confessing to Renata that her son, Max, has been bullying her daughter, and Jane’s son was wrongly accused. Celeste found out about it through Jane, and Max also confessed afterward. Renata went to Jane to apologize. She found Jane together with Madeline, who was crying because she felt guilty about her affair. Her husband was singing on stage, and she just couldn’t help herself from feeling guilty because she realized how great a man he was. It was Jane, Madeline, and Renata talking when Celeste arrived. Celeste’s husband, Perry, was chasing after her (all the while her husband has been physically abusive, she was just in a denial stage or was protecting their marriage). He was trying to get her hands on Celeste, but the other woman fought him. They were fighting against Perry, and when he appeared to be winning, Bonnie ran to help them. Bonnie pushed Celeste’s husband down the stairs, but they told the police nothing about it. No one was blamed for his death (maybe someone will be blamed on season 2? If there is a season 2). Also, it turns out Perry was the same man Jane had a one-night stand with.

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