Girlboss Season 1 (Summary)

​Date I finished watching it: April 29, 2017 (Season 1, Episodes 1 – 13)

Sophia thought that she finally figured out life when a jacket she got for 9 bucks was sold for 600 dollars. However, she later discovered that she got a “Hernia” (she doesn’t know what that is), but the community doctor said that she soon had to undergo surgery, so she decided to get a job just to get health insurance. (In the middle of this season, I forgot what episode, her Hernia popped and was sent to the Hospital)

She thought of the name of her shop on eBay and ended up with “Nasty Gal Vintage,” her first thought was “Rubix Vintage.” She started hoarding vintage shops and garage sales. She had one customer named ladyshopper99 who ordered a wedding dress. She sent it, but it was returned because of a coke stain. She promised to ship it back the next day or on the day of the wedding, but she got drunk and screwed up. She ended up running to catch the wedding. She even crossed the golden gate bridge (she fears bridges) and arrived at the venue 1 minute before the bride walked down the aisle. She received a good review after that.

Her shop continued to grow until she needed space for more clothes since her apartment was all cramped. She decided to rent an office, but before she could rent it, she needed someone else’s signature, so she asked for the help of her father. Her father agreed at first with her proposal, but in the end, it turns out he wanted the lease to be under his name because Sophia’s failure may affect his name. Sophia was outraged and ran to meet and tell her best friend, Annie. She was so mad she banged the door of an old house, which ended up being her new office.

She faced problems like the vintage fashion forum led by the owner of Remembrances, Gail, who is against Sophia’s style of selling vintage clothes. Gail believes that each vintage piece has a story and should not be altered just for the sake of making it look modern. She became friends with Gail, argued with her, then made peace afterward — after the forum members decided to report Nasty Gal Vintage, and she got kicked out of eBay. She also fought with Annie, who wanted to work at Nasty Gal full time and rejected being a manager at the salon she was working. Still, Sophia told her that she was not needed (they reconciled afterward after Sophia said sorry).

Sophia went on a trip. First was to get the jacket which was the first item she sold on eBay, next was to argue with Gail, and when she visited her mother, who was in a theater but later on quit it and decided to leave (Sophia gave her the jacket). She made peace with Gail and then celebrated Christmas with her father. When she came back, she already had a plan. She plans on making a website, gathering clothes, and launching it. With the help of Annie and a website developer, they found (they previously had a problem because was a pornsite).

Sophia was betrayed by Shane, her boyfriend, for two years. When she went to the studio to see him, she saw him receiving oral sex from one of the female band members.

When the website was launched, they were worried that nobody would visit it. After a while, it was a success. Many items were sold just that night. They held a party afterward, but Sophia went out crying. She talked to Shane to ask questions but asked him to leave in the end.

The next day, she’s managing with great enthusiasm.

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