UNindian (Movie Summary)

Mira recently moved to her new house in Australia, together with her daughter Smitha. She lives near her parents, who check her out every once in a while. Her parents also set her up to men they think are rich and a good catch. When they were at an event called Holi, she encountered Will, whom she had thrown holi powder too, but was wearing a white blazer.

She met him again on the street where she parked her car and on the field where Will plays sport along with a man her parents want her to date. Will keeps asking her out and finding ways to see her. One night, Mira hung out with her cousin and told Will that it was a girl’s night out. However, she was set up, and it turned out to be a double date, which Will later found out. Will stopped answering Mira’s calls, but Mira sought him and went to his teaching school to explain. They started dating that day. Once, Smitha went away, and Will slept in Mira’s house and woke up to see Mira’s parents. Of course, they were furious. Also, Will took Smitha to practice, and Smitha insisted on seeing her dad and not telling Mira about it. Will obliged once, followed by another, which was a massive mistake because Mira’s ex-husband planned to kidnap Smitha and take her to India. Mira was furious with Will’s decision and broke up with him. They stopped talking to each other until Will had to go overseas for his job. Mira realized how much she didn’t want Will to go that day, so she chased him to the airport but sadly, he was no longer there. However, Smitha activated the ICN (Indian Community Network) to help her stop Will from boarding the plane. When Mira went home feeling so down, she saw Will and reunited with him. Mira’s mom, who was against him, ended up saying “at least the grandchildren” would be fair.

Note: Mira’s marriage didn’t work because her ex-husband was a closet gay.

              • Date watched: July 25, 2017
              • My Rating: 8/10

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