The Lovers (Movie Summary)

The Lovers (2017)

Married couple Mary and Michael were each having affairs. Mary is having an experience with Robert, and Michael is having an affair with Lucy.

Each of their lovers is demanding to break the marriage off, and they assure each of them that they will break it off after their son’s (Joel) visit. Before Joel arrived, Robert approached Michael and warned him that Mary was leaving him. When their son visited them, together with his girlfriend (Erin), it became dramatic. While Mary took Erin shopping, they met Lucy on the street, who hissed at her, which she later interpreted. That night they told Joel that they were leaving each other, which he took terribly because although he expected his parents to hate each other, he once saw him during his visit looking happy together. It was true that they suddenly became delighted since they started having a good time with each other in bed, but they still broke the relationship. When Joel left, Mary and Michael began to pack too to live together with their lovers. It may look like a happy ending for their lovers, but Mary and Michael still ended up seeing each other, like this time, they were secret lovers.

              • Date watched: July 26, 2017
              • My rating: 5/10

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