Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard (Book Summary)

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Four bestfriends – Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields and Hannah Marin have lost contact and drifted apart after the death of their other bestfriend. The coolest, prettiest and the leader for all of them, Alison DiLaurentis. Alison is a beautiful girl in Rosewood who ditched her bestfriends Noami and Riley and later on become friends with Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hannah. She vanished on the night of their sleepover and after a long time, proclaimed dead.

Although it must’ve been hard, her old friends found ways to cope up with their lives.  Emily kept swimming and Hannah transformed herself into a diva from being that fat girl with braces. She became the new It girl and she’s bestfriends with Mona Vanderwaal, who was also a dork back then. The best part of the story began when Alison’s body was found in a hole on their backyard. It was after Maya St. Germain and her family moved to the DiLaurentis house and after Aria got back from Iceland that they started receiving texts from “A”, giving them hints about Alison’s death and torturing the girls with secrets that only Alison knew. But if Alison’s body has just been found, then why are they receiving texts from someone called “A” with secrets they were certain that no one else knew?

Only Ali knew that Emily Fields likes kissing girls, that Aria’s father is having an affair with his student, that Spencer has kissed her sister’s boyfriend, Ian, and that Hannah forces herself to throw up to get rid of all the cheese it she’s eaten. They’ve also received texts telling them something about what they’re doing that exact moment. It was like somebody has been watching them. Spencer still enjoys the company of her sister’s boyfriend, Wren. Aria is having an affair with her AP English teacher, Mr. Fitz. Hannah was caught stealing a Tiffany bracelet and Emily is kissing another girl, Maya St. Germain. They’ve been through a lot of trouble because of “A” and  they have been continuously pointing fingers at the wrong people, telling the police immediately that they’ve  found proof that have something to do with Ali’s death. Ofcourse, it was “A”‘s plan to get the facts messed up. The worst thing (that time) “A” has done so far was hitting Hanna with an SUV because “she knew too much” . “A” had accidentally sent a message to Hanna using its regular number and Hannah recognized it. A few days after Hannah recalled what happened that night (because she temporarily forgot everything), it all lead to one person — Mona Vanderwaal, Hanna’s bestfriend, and what they discovered that night are all true. By the time they were sure that Mona is “A”, Mona and Spencer are already on their way to the police, they are about to turn Melissa in. When Spencer knew (she received a text from her friends) about Mona, they eneed up fighting, trying to kill each other. Mona died that night, making them all think that everything’s solved and they could now leave peacefully.

(Mona had the infos from Ali’s Diary, when she found it)

Weeks after Mona’s death, another “A” showed up, but the girls ignored it thinking that it was just a prank from someone they barely knew. But then just like the old A, this new A sends them texts that are accurate, and that made the girls think that A could be on their side. It seems like A is just helping them uncover the death of Alison. However, the clues this New A has been sending mostly got them into trouble. The clues had everything messed up.

  • Emily went to Lancaster, pretended to be Amish, believed that the cop Wilden killed his girlfriend and that the body found on the backyard was not Ali’s. She ended up getting arrested.
  • Aria kept the ring she found in the woods and also ended up getting arrested
  • Spencer has ruined her family by accusing her mom as Ali’s killer thinking that she did it after finding out that Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis are in a relationship. She also ended up getting arrested.
  • Hanna Marin was sent to a Mental hospital and like the others, she also got arrested.

They were released afterwards when the police found another suspect – Billy Ford. A worker who was assigned in digging the hole where Ali’s body was found. He also killed Jenna Cavanaugh, the girl Ali and the girls blinded, she’s also Toby Cavanaugh’s sister. When Billy Ford was already in Jail, Mrs. Jessica DiLaurentis introduced someone to everyone. She showed them her other daughter, Alison’s twin, Courtney DiLaurentis. During her stay, Courtney bonded with the girls and later told them that she really is Ali. Upon knowing the truth, the girls were glad to finally have their bestfriend back. To celebrate, they went to Pacoho’s to have a sleepover. They relived everything that had happened years ago in Hasting’s barn, and just like that night, Alison hypnotized them. When they woke up from being hypnotized, Ali was gone, she disappeared and left a note.


Alison killed her sister Courtney because of the life her twin had stolen. Courtney pretended to be Ali, causing the real Ali to be the on sent on a Mental Institution. It also wasn’t Ali who chose Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily to be their bestfriends – it was Courtney, thinking that she had to leave Noami and Riley behind so she wouldn’t get busted for pretending to be Ali. Alison have tried killing the four girls, she wanted to get rid of them. She hated her twin sister even more for choosing girls like them to be her bestfriend. Alison is the real A.


The 4 girls found Ian’s rotten body and Melissa who was tied inside a cabinet before they escaped the house Ali set on fire. When they successfully escaped, an explosion came and it appeared like Ali has not escaped the fire. Ali is dead. Emily and the rest stayed friends. Spencer and Melissa started getting along well and her family is now acting normal. Aria and Ella are okay, Xavier’s out of the picture. Ella has accepted that things couldn’t change between Byron and him anymore. Hanna Marin’s mom is going home, kicking her bitchy stepsister out of the house.

The End of Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard (books 1 – 6)

Author: Sara Shepard
Finished this on: August 29, 2013
This is a summary of books 1 – 6:

Pretty Little Liars

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