Hunger Games Summary

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Summary)

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\Katniss Everdeen participated in the 74th Hunger Games because of her sister, Primrose, who was the one originally chosen. Together with Peeta Mellark, a baker’s son, they went to the Capitol, representing District 12. During an interview by Caesar Flickerman, Katniss was called the “Girl on Fire” and Peeta gave the audience an idea that they could be starcrossed lovers – it was after he declared his admiration for Katniss. Although Katniss was angry at first, it was still to their advantage since the capitol craves for more entertainment and having them both in the games will surely make it more interesting because at the end of the game (if they both survive) then they have to kill each other.

Upon entering the arena, they lost of track of each other. Katniss fought by herself and Peeta allied with another players. They met again when Peeta’s allies tracked Katniss and aimed at her as their next victim. She survived, she killed most of them by the use of tracker jackers and by the help of Rue. Rue and Katniss became allies but it didn’t last long since Rue got hit with an arrow and died on Katniss’ arms. Katniss sang her a lullaby and covered her corpse with a bunch of flowers. After witnessing such act, Rue’s district, District 11, gave Katniss a gift.

After Rue’s death, it was announced that there was a change of rule: It is now possible for the game to have 2 victors as long as they are from the same district. Katniss and Peeta later on formed and ally, helping and protecting each other. Also, they had intimate scenes (kissing was the farthest they have gone) which brought them sponsors. When the audience is entertained they send gifts or donations to the player.

When Peeta was healed from an injury, they began hunting and beating other players until they finally won the game. However, the rules changed once again. There should only be one victor, which means one must kill the other. Both of them refused to do so, so Katniss pulled the poisonous berries from her pocket and handed half of it to Peeta. They’re both committing suicide. The capitol can’t have no victor and the organizers panicked, so they stopped them and declared Peeta and Katniss as the 74th Hunger Games victors.

The End of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Author: Suzanne Collins
Finished this on: August 2013

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