The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter (Review)

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My Rating: 8/10

Climax on page one! The most thrilling scene was narrated in the first few pages after flipping the cover.

What made me choose this book: I honestly do not know why I chose this book among all the other tempting books waiting to be read. The title was ordinary, and the cover had nothing to do with the story. (The body from the book I got was of a white flower, and I found other pictures of this book with a girl on its cover, which made more sense.) It was like I simply tried reading a few pages then ended up finishing the book.

When I read it: I expected the book to be bloody and scary. It was a little scary, but there is also humor in this book. I cried twice on this book. The first was because of Rusty and Charlie, the second was because of Ben and Charlie.

I was hooked: This is not the usual novel where the setting starts in a coffee shop or some other passive scene; it does not begin with a “once upon a time.” It starts with a story that makes you visualize this: “One woman was murdered, and her organs and flesh were scattered all over the kitchen. The family had to replace the air conditioner since some of her flesh was stuck there. The husband also found his wife’s tooth in one of the cabinets.”

For me, that’s the best way to start a novel. I was very hooked. I hate every minute spent without reading this book. The author presented the climax and the problem first, and she gave it real well!

My general opinion on this book: I read this book along with Self Incrimination by Randy Singer, who also consists of lawyers as the novel’s main character. This book reveals the different lives of lawyers and the risks they are exposed to nearly every day. This is an excellent book to read, especially for those who love solving mysteries along with the characters and for those who love suspense along with humor.

Also, this book indeed coincides with my two favorite elements I look for in a story — Dead people and beautiful girls.

Thank you for reading!

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