Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (Review)

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I would like to remember this as “the book that made me never want to read ebooks again” I read this as an ebook and was so disappointed and confused to the point that I thought the ebook providers were making fun of the readers by shuffling the chapters of the book. Of course, I was wrong with the accusation, and I realized that I just can’t blame anyone if I find the book horrible.

What made me choose this book: I first saw this book at my favorite bookstore. I read the synopsis, and I was amazed. Since I had no plans to buy a book that time, I made a mental note that I’d come back for it because I think I am genuinely going to like it. About a day after seeing the book in the bookstore, I found a digital copy at about half of its paperbound price. I decided that day that I was destined to read this book.

When I read it: I tried being patient. I tried telling myself that the most challenging part of reading a book is the first few chapters since I am still trying to get to know the characters. However, I found no chapters (maybe it’s just my copy, or perhaps the author’s way of storytelling). I found myself still having difficulties when I reached half of the book.

Why I was hooked: The storyline. The idea of the entire book. It was so creative – it reminds me of Lauren Oliver’s Before I fall. I was waiting for a climax, a revelation, or a conclusion at the end. No matter how I already wanted to give up reading, I convinced myself that there could be something good somewhere further on the pages of this book.

My general opinion on this book: The problem with this novel is that the entire plot was already presented in the first few chapters. The best part of the story (which is living again after dying) was already presented as early as the synopsis. The story was intriguing and unique, but it was presented as the entire book was a collection of different short stories with the same main character. The novel is filled with the multiple lives of Ursula Todd, along with other characters in each life. Once you get the hang of the characters in one of her life, you’ll be presented with another set of names. The whole novel was like a loop of introductions, and maybe that’s the reason why I never liked it.

Also, the ending was hanging. The ending leaves the reader wondering and assuming how it ended. I do not spend days reading a book just to have an ambiguous ending. I need closure!

What other readers are saying: They liked it! Which somehow makes me feel bad about myself since I felt like an outcast for hating on this book. However, some readers share the same opinion as me. When I finished reading this book, I looked for it online and found that some readers think the book was overrated (and I agree!).

I also read in some other reviews that Kate Atkinson is a great author based on her previously published novels. I am curious about the different stories of the author, and I am looking forward to coming across those books despite my terrible impression of “Life After Life.”

That would be all for this book.

Thank you for reading!


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12 thoughts on “Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (Review)”

  1. You are not alone, it is a difficult read! I think there is a certain amount of book snobbery attached to it because she is an out-there kind of writer ๐Ÿ˜‰ whereas I think her early work (particularly her detective series) is much better. Happy reading!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and i’m a little relieved that the problem is with my comprehension! I was so disappointed with the book but i heard that the author is a great one and know i shouldnt judge her. I’ll probably make time checking out the other works but hopefully its not like ‘life after life’ . Anyway thanks for dropping by (and sorry for the late reply) ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Hi! I write poetry but i never wrote songs haha. No worries i’ll make sure to check on your site to see if I qualify ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š

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