Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (Summary)

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The entire novel revolves around the life of Ursula Todd who was born on February 1910. She died a couple of times (even just right after she was born) but then comes back to life like she’s in a loop, like she’s always given the chance to live her life again correctly. 

When she drowned, darkness fell but she was given a chance to live that moment again. When she relived that scene, someone saved her from drowning.

When she climbed out of the window to get something, she fell and died – and then she was alive again. When the same scene happened she had a strong feeling that she shouldn’t climb out the window, so she didn’t.

When there was an influenza their maid Bridget caught it and Ursula caught it from her. Darkness fell and she was got to live that life again. When she relived that life, she did something to stop Bridget from acquiring the influenza. 

The entire novel consists of different scenes from the different lives of Ursula. Her life becomes different for every decision she makes.

She married someone she just met for 3 months and her husband ended up killing her by smashing her head on the coffee table. 

She was raped and had an abortion.

She became a mistress. 

She had a relationship with her classmate. 

She died from a bomb explosion. 

Everytime she dies she finds herself being alive again probably so she could make things right. At the end of the novel it was suggested that she killed Hitler to stop the World War. However it was also stated on the novel that when she pulled the trigger, darkness fell. 

The End of Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.

Author: Kate Atkinson
Finished this on: August 16, 2017

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