Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (Book Summary)

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Eleanor is Scottish & Danish while Park is Asian (his mom is a Korean beautician). They met in a school bus. Eleanor was new to town and she was bullied because of her get up and her size. She also have an enormous red hair. No one wants to sit with her so she ended up with Park, who was annoyed by then. Eleanor even heard him curse.

Park: One brother who’s 13 years old named Josh. His parents are inlove with each other.

Eleanor: 4 other siblings. Her mom is beautiful yet a slave to her new husband, Richie. Eleanor’s real dad is an alcoholic & a drug user.

Eleanor and Park’s connection started when she read the comics with him, She was just peeking to read along then he noticed, so he flipped the pages slower an opened it wider so she could see. Then the next day, he gave her a comic, then another set, he even went to their house to read with her. They listened to music together in the bus and when someone bullied Eleanor, he got in to a fight which got him suspended. He just wants to stand up for Eleanor.

Eleanor’s stepdad found out that she was spending most pf her time with a guy and not with Tina (the girl that bullies her, she’s popular and she dated Park as well. Eleanor tells her family that she hangs out with Tina all the time). Richie was so angry and Eleanor was so scared that she decided to runaway to Minnesota to live with her uncle – leaving everyone behind, including Park. Park drover her there and it was their last meeting.

A year has passed and Park didn’t hear anything from Eleanor until a single postcard with 3 words.

The End of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.

Purchase Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell via Amazon: https://amzn.to/3EBlkmQ

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