Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (Book Summary)

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Jacob grew up with his grandfather’s stories which are more like merely a fantasy. His grandfather Abraham (Abe), fought during the world war 2 and was said (according to himself) to seek refugee in an orphanage with Miss Peregrine’s peculiar children. Jacob or Jake (Abe calls him Yakob) works at a smart aid drugstore his family own. His life was normal until the death of Abe. Abe called him on the phone asking for the key to the guns and knives which h collected his entire life. It was locked by Jake’s father because they thought Abe hqs gone mad because of his age. Jake went to Abe’s house but then found it trashed. He went to the woods and followed some tracks – and there was Abe, lying in a pool of his own blood. Abe told him about a grave, a bird and a letter before he died. After Abe died, Jake saw something that haunted him, but he was then accused of losing his mind and was given medications by his psychiatrist, Mr. Golan.

On his birthday, Jake received a letter from his Aunt Sally. The letter was said to be for him since it got his name on it and it was written by Abe. In the letter, the date was September 1940 and there was an address too. He decided that to keep himself from going insane, he must go to that island so his questions will be answered.

He went to Cairhorn with his father, it is where the orphanage (where Abe came from) is located. This is what happened:

First day, his father went to inspect the birds then he went to find the orphanage, escorted by 2 teenagers who soon left him. He found the old orphanage but didn’t go any further.

On the second day, he went to the orphanage again and went upstairs where he was able to inspect the rooms. Then he found Abe’s room and found a suitcase he could not open no matter how many times he hit it. He repeatedly dropped it until it opened and the floor broke, revealing the basement. He went down to look at what is on the suitcase and found pictures, just like the photos from what Abe has shown him where he thought was only manipulated. He kept looking at the pictures and realized that it was exactly what Abe has been telling him. When he looked around basement, he saw body organs in a bottle. After that, he heard footsteps and saw some of the children he just saw on the pictures. He chased on of them until inside the cave, but then he lost her and realized that he could be just imagining it. He went out of the cave and noticed something different. Everything was different because when he went back to the priest’s hole (where he and his dad have been staying), the owner who doesn’t look familiar to him called his attention and asked him where he’s going and told him that it is only him who lives in that place, they are not accepting tenants. He was almost beheaded if he hadn’t ran and was saved by the girl he recently chased. He discovered that he was on September 3, 1940. When he chased the girl, Ms. Bloom, he entered the loop that navigated him to that date. Ms. Bloom led him to the orphanage so that Ms. Peregrine could see him.

Everything that Abe said were true. There was a boy who could lift a builder, someone who could bring someone back to life, someone invisible, someone who can levitate, someone who can produce fire and many more. Ms. Peregrine herself is a bird who can transform anytime.

Abe and Ms. Bloom were once inlove with each other.

There are other loops in different countries and in different dates.

Jake was peculiar, since he could see the peculiar children.

Loop means everyday is a cycle. There is no tomorrow, if today is September 3, 1940 (the day the island was bombed) then tomorrow would be the same.

After discovering the loop and the orphanage, Jake returned to it every now and then. However, the time came that it was raided. The peculiar children, including Jake, had to fight back and leave the loop to be safe.

The End of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

Purchase Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs via Amazon: https://amzn.to/3sNb4pq


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    1. The movie’s good but the book will always be better.. although i never had the chance to read the third one. Anyway thanks for dropping by (and sorry for the late reply) 😊


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