It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han (Book Summary)

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Belly (Isabel) has started dating Conrad. He drives all the way to her house to see her, although he has moved to his dorm for college.

On Belly’s prom, she got Conrad as his escort, but that was the very same night they broke up because she felt like he didn’t want to be with her at all. It was hard for her to move on. She didn’t date anyone after Conrad, and she doesn’t even come along when Taylor invites her to parties. She’s heartbroken.

Then he got a call from Jeremiah, saying that Conrad was missing, and she ended up looking for him along with Jeremiah. She wanted to see him after all, although all she needed to do was say goodbye to him officially so she could let him go.

Both Jeremiah and Belly thought that Conrad lost track of his life because he was no longer going to school and was constantly drinking, but the truth was he was just protecting the beach house from being sold. Their father is selling it, and he has made up his mind.

Laurel, Belly’s mother, was the one who fixed things after Belly drunk called him. She convinced Mr. Fisher not to sell the house, but Conrad should pass the test in one condition.

Jeremiah and Belly helped Conrad study, and when he took the exam, he nailed it. He was so happy he even ended up hugging Belly. After taking another exam, he came back and saw Belly and Jeremiah kissing in the car. Belly ran after him, and he told her hurtful things. He even told Jeremiah that he could pursue Belly, and he didn’t mind.

On the way home, Belly and Jeremiah held hands.

The End of It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han.

Author: Jenny Han
Finished reading this on December 4, 2014
2nd book “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

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