The Selection Series by Kiera Cass (Book Summary)

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This summary contains:  The Selection | The Elite | The One

America Sanger came from a  family of five. It means that she is of low rank. The highest rank of the caste is one, and the lowest is eight. She came from a family of artists, and she sings at events for income. She has had a secret boyfriend for 2 years. His name is Aspen, which is a six.

The selection is a competition of 35 girls from different castes, and the winner gets to marry the prince, Maxon Schreave. America was forced to sign up for the Selection because they needed the money, and Aspen insisted, wanting to give her a better life. She thought she should probably give it a try, and surprisingly, she got chosen, so she went to the palace to compete.

What happened while she was in the palace:

  • On the first day, she yelled at Maxon because she was homesick and didn’t like the idea of the Selection. 
  • She bet with him that if her sister, May, would cry over some dessert, Maxon could have a date with her, and she ended up with a date.
  • She kneeled Maxon on the groin because she thought he was about to do something.
  • Her closest friend in the competition, Martee, got caught kissing a guard named Carter, and they were both punished for treason.
  • Her boyfriend, Aspen, became a palace guard, and they’d sneak out to talk (and kiss)
  • When asked about the rebels, she told the public to fight, and many liked her for that.
  • During the conviction, where they have to sentence someone because of a crime, she gave the criminal her jewelry pieces instead (because the only thing he did was get clothes for his daughter), and the king was furious, but the public loved her.
  • After that, the rebels showed up – August and Georgia. August Illea was a descendant, they are rebels, but all they ever want is for the castle to be gone.
  • She invited Georgia (the northern rebel) and Nicoletta (the Italian princess) to a tea session and sabotaged her. Georgia needed weapons, and Nicoletta could provide money.
  • America’s maids are very loyal. Anne, Lucy, and Mary. In the end, Anne died, Lucy retired (she’s already in a relationship with Aspen), and Mary stayed as her maid.
  • There are only 4 of them left. Elise is from New Asia, Celeste is a model, and Kriss, whom she found out, later on, was a northern rebel.
  • She also found out that her father was a rebel, but later on, he died because of a heart attack.
  • Maxon found out about Aspen and America after he told her that she was the chosen one. America was just saying sorry and goodbye to Aspen when Maxon came back and saw them. He was furious. He asked Aspen to leave, and so was America. By then, Kriss was considered the chosen one.
  • When the rebels were attacked by Caste, Maxon and America sneaked out of the palace to know the number of deaths. They went to their friends, the northern rebels August and Georgia. However, on their way home, they were attacked. America was injured and got lost. She was later found by Paige, an eight who offered her help. When she was rescued, she brought Paige with her.
  • On the engagement day, America was so close to tears because he was saying rude things to her and kept talking to Kriss, She had been told to go home, but then she noticed something, just like what her maid Anne told her. The rebels found the guard’s uniforms, and it was chaotic. Celeste, Queen Amberly, and King Clarkson died. Despite the tragedy, it was a way of making Maxon realize that he’ll always love America no matter what.

On their wedding day, Martee was her bridesmaid, and Aspen walked her to Maxon.

  • The End of The Selection Series by Kiera Cass.
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