To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (Book Summary)

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Lara Jean Song Covey has two sisters. Her older sister is Margot, and the younger one is Katherine/Kitty. She has loved 5 boys her entire life. Josh, Margot’s boyfriend. Peter Kavinsky, Genevieve’s boyfriend (Gen is her ex-best friend). Another is Lucas, whom she adored because he was polite. John, with who she had a romantic time. Lastly is a guy from a summer camp she attended.

She wrote them goodbye letters so she could move on. On the letters, she included the address, sealed it, but never mailed it. She keeps it to herself – but then it got sent away. The 4 guys received the letter, one didn’t because he migrated.

Lucas turned out to be gay. That’s what he said when he returned the letter. John never had the chance to talk to her. Josh received it too and became uneasy towards her, and Peter gave her back the letter laughing.

Josh confronted her, and she had to pretend that she was dating someone else because she really didn’t want to hook up with her sister’s boyfriend, even though she loved him first before Margot did. She ended up pretending to be Peter’s girlfriend to avoid Josh and for Peter, to make Gen jealous so he could have her back.

On that winter, they were skiing. Peter said that he started liking her. She was stunned, although she knew that she wanted Peter too because who wouldn’t like him? Josh doesn’t matter anymore. She made up her mind. She found Peter in a hot tub, she told him she wanted him too, and they kissed for a long time.

Morning came, and it was time to leave. She went to the bathroom, and there was Genevieve. Gen told her that Peter was just using her because it was really her that he loved. Their fake relationship was all because of Gen, and there is this rumor that she just had sex with Peter on the public tub. She got mad at Peter because she thought he wasn’t denying it and was just allowing the rumor to spread. Peter loves to be praised for anything, and maybe he loves to be commended for hooking up with the innocent Lara Jean.

Margot came home from Scotland (that’s where she studied, and that’s why she broke up with Josh), and she arranged a recital where they prepared cookies and invited guests. Lara Jean was still mad at Peter at that time, although deep inside, she missed him and was just waiting for a text from him. Peter showed up at that recital because Kitty invited him and asked Lara if they could talk. They talked, and Josh joined. Peter got mad at him and brought up that Josh had tried kissing Lara before, and it was too late that time because Margot heard all of it.

Margot and Lara fought, but they made up immediately, and there was also a chance that Margot and Josh would get back. Meanwhile, Lara Jean wrote a letter to Peter, but it wasn’t a goodbye letter. She made it for a good start.

Also part of the story:

Their mother died while she was mopping the floor, and the landline rang, and she slipped. She woke up, and she was okay. Then one day, she complained of a headache, and she slept on the couch and didn’t wake up.

Kitty mailed the letters because she was mad at Lara since she almost told Josh that Kittle liked him. Lara initially thought that the hatbox got sent to goodwill by her father.

  • The End of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han.
Purchase To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han via Amazon:

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