We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han (Book Summary)

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Belly and Jere have been together for 2 years. They fight, and then they make up. Their worst fight was when she discovered that he hooked up with Lacie while they were in Cabo for spring break (they broke up that time). Belly was so mad at Jere because he actually had sex with Lacie. They broke up that time and got back together, and Jere asked to marry her to prove his loyalty and gain her trust again — and she said yes.

They planned for the wedding although their families were against it. Belly was still 19. She even had a fight with her mother, Laurel, but designed the wedding with her anyway. Everything was all set, but Belly still had feelings for Conrad, especially when she saw him before their wedding. The boys got drunk, Jere was wasted with his friends, and Conrad discovered how Jere hooked up with Lacie. When they went back to the beach house, he told Belly about it, and he was stunned that she already knew and still chose to marry him. He told her he loved her that night. It was what she wanted all along, but she loves Jere, and she can’t leave him.

She told Jere about what Conrad told her because, at that time, she really was having second thoughts. Jere got mad, drove away, but Conrad got him back just before the wedding so they could still get married.

However, there was no wedding that happened at all. Jere and Belly broke up that day. Years later, when she was already 23, she married Conrad and Jere was cool with it. He was with his own date on Conrad and Belly’s wedding day.

  • The End of We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han.
Purchase We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han via Amazon: https://amzn.to/3eGbup4

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