Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Book Summary and Ending)

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On their 5th anniversary, Amy Elliotte Dunne went missing. Her husband, Nick, was at the bar he owned with his twin sister, Margo. Their neighbor called him, telling him that the door in their house was open and everything was a mess. An investigation pushed through, and it all led to one suspect, Nick himself. During anniversaries, Amy always set up a treasure hunt, and on that anniversary, Amy did something different.

 Nick is the suspect because:

  • He lied about the reservation.
  • He lied about where he was the morning Amy disappeared.
  • He has a mistress, Analie, his 23 years old student.
  • His fingerprints are all over the evidence – the purse thrown by the river
  • Amy’s diary says it all.
  • Noelle Hawthorne, Amy’s best friend, says so. Amy talks to her about her struggles.
  • Amy was pregnant. He didn’t know
  • A neighbor heard them fighting
  • However, according to the investigation, the housing mess was staged

What Amy did:

  • She wrote diary entries for 7 years (which she wrote for just months). It contains how Nick was very cold to her. She said she bought the gun because she was afraid of him. She said he poisoned her, and she hid the vomit. Just in case
  • She staged the crime scene so that it would look like Nick produced it
  • She hurts himself then blame someone else
  • She sliced her arm to leave blood on the floor
  • She hid. Cut her hair. Dyed it. Wore glasses, then put on weight
  • She saved money just enough so she could hide, but it was stolen by another Tennant in the inn she was hiding
  • She was so penniless that she called Desi to help her. He’s her friend, and he’s very devoted to her.
  • Desi gave her everything but made her a prisoner. One day she had sex with him and made him drink something that knocked him unconscious. Then she killed him.
  • She returned to Nick because he was announcing (media) that he loved her, and she softened. When she came back, she blamed Desi and said she was kidnapped and raped.

Nick and Amy still live together, although they are both pretending. Everything changed. Amy got pregnant – making Nick decide not to expose Amy about how much of a criminal she is. In the last part of the book, they are still staying together.

  • The End of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
Purchase Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn via Amazon: https://amzn.to/3JweYbZ

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