Bad Genius (Movie Summary and Review)


It started when Lynn was accepted as a scholar in a private school. Because she’s brilliant, she started helping her best friend and cheated on her on one exam. She wrote all the answers on the eraser and passed it to her best friend – why her best friend gave it and why the significant cheating started. Since her best friend’s boyfriend heard about how the affair happened, they offered Lynn a considerable amount of money if she answered them during the exam. She figured out a way to cheat.

She cheated using her fingers. There are corresponding piano keys on every letter on a multiple-choice question. They (everyone who paid Lynn) are to look at her hands to know the correct answer. On the second part of the cheating, they were challenged since the exam papers were in Set A and Set B. Lynn finished Set A first then answered Set B to teach her other classmates. However, another scholar named Bank got suspicious of his classmates copying Lynn. He had no clue about the agreed cheating, so he went to see the principal and told her about how one of his classmates cheated. They were busted that day since the principal found the solution for Set B on Lynn’s scratch paper. When Lynn went the Set A., Lynn lost her scholarship that day, and her father was furious because of the cheating and the money she received from it.

After that incident, her best friend asked for a favor once again. Her best friend’s boyfriend’s parents want them to enroll in a university abroad, and to do that, they have to pass an examination. They are sure they could not pass it without Lynn’s help. Lynn was hesitant at first, yet she agreed later on.

The method they used for that exam’s cheating is each student’s pencil. This was done wiith the help of Bank, who could not take the examination because he ended up beaten and in a landfill ordered by the best friend’s boyfriend. Lynn and Bank went abroad and took the exam 3 hours ahead of their friends. They will take the exam first, memorize the answers, send the answers through the phone they hid in the bathroom, and their friends who will be receiving the answers will print them on the pencil disguised as a barcode. While they were in the process of doing that, the following happened: Bank got busted, Lynn ran out of time and had to pretend she was sick; Lynn’s father looked for her, and her friends told him that she went away with Bank.

The cheating on that exam was successful. However, Lynn felt horrible and very guilty. Her friends celebrated, but she was not happy with how it turned out, especially when Bank lost his scholarship and was placed under expulsion because the embassy reported him. Bank did not pursue his career and used the money he got from cheating to buy washing machines for the laundry shop. When he bought all those machines, he asked Lynn to cheat the exams again and told her about their possible earnings – however, Lynn declined. Bank even threatened him. However, Lynn has already decided.

She went to the staff in charge of the exam and confessed to the cheating.

End of movie Bad Genius (2017)


This is a perfect movie. It is full of suspense, and it’s very entertaining. However, the ending was a waste for the film. It was hanging, and it was very inappropriate. I think I understand that the writers don’t want to be bashed and accused of promoting cheating. They probably want to teach a good lesson to the viewers. However, I believe that would really be unnecessary. The ending invalidates every scene in the movie. The movie could be a 10; however, I gave it an 8 because the end was very unsatisfying and contradicting.

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