Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Book Summary)

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Anna Oliphant was forced to go to a boarding school, SOAP (School of America in Paris), by her father, who is a novelist. She left Atlanta, where her best friend, Bridget, and the guy she likes, Toph, live. In SOAP, her first friend was Meridith. Then she met everyone else – St. Claire, Rashmi, and Josh. Rashmi and Josh are a couple. Meridith is a soccer player who secretly likes St. Claire, and St. Claire is a gorgeous guy in a relationship with Ellie.

Anna always jokes around with St. Claire but never considers the idea of falling in love with him even when he’s beautiful because Mer likes him, he has a girlfriend, and she has Toph. When thanksgiving came, they both had a great time since they were the only students in their room. St. Claire was depressed because his mother got cancer and his Dad wouldn’t let him see her. Anna can’t go home because it would be expensive. St. Claire even slept in her room to feel less lonely. Then Christmas came, and she’s finally going home just to discover something – Bridget is dating Toph! She was so mad at both of them.

When they’re back in Paris, Mer has this game, and instead of watching, St. Claire and Anna go to the park and end up kissing and getting caught by Mer. Mer was furious.

Anna got detention for attacking Amanda, and she was bullied, called a slut by Dave’s friends (she dated Dave before). She no longer talks to her friends. St. Claire and Mer are both mad at her.

Soon enough, she apologized to Mer again, and she forgave her. She realized that she should forgive Bridget as well.

St. Claire broke up with Ellie. Josh and Rashmi broke up. Mer is going to college in Rome. Anna and St. Claire are officially together.

The End of Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

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