Miss Granny Movie Review and Summary

Movie Review:

I cried twice on this movie because it shows how far a mother would go through just to feed her child, but don’t get me wrong, this movie is still on the side of comedy.

What made me choose this movie is the first movie that I watched for a very long time, and this is not a movie I just stumbled upon on the internet. I really searched for this. This is sadly not available on youtube, so I really hoped I could get a copy for this online. I wanted to watch this because I saw a trailer of its remake this 2018, and I read somewhere that this is initially a Korean movie.

What I thought when I started watching it: “This is gonna be really funny!” I was right, the movie didn’t disappoint me, but I didn’t expect to be teary-eyed on some scenes.

I was hooked on: The ending is relevant because my questions need to be answered. Will she go back to her old self? Will she end up with the gorgeous tv producer? Or will she choose her old friend? These questions are all answered in the end.

My general opinion about the movie: It was gratifying, and I highly recommend this to viewers of any age. This movie also shares a message about how our grandparents feel about their age. They are worried about their health, hate not being able to move around like before, and fear that their own family will no longer find them useful and then abandon them one day. It’s really worth the two hours duration, although a part of me still yearns for that tv producer. It could’ve been great if he ended up with someone. He is such a great catch!

Rating: 9/10

Movie Summary:

Mal Soon is a 74 years old widower. She works in a café and lives with her son and his family. She is foul-mouthed and normally bickers with her daughter-in-law. Due to stress, her daughter-in-law was hospitalized and was advised by the doctor to be stress-free to recover. Her son decided to send her away from home for a while.

That night she was so sad she stayed outdoor when he received a call from one of his grandsons who had just finished practice from his band. While she was on her way to meet him, she passed by a photo studio, and she decided to have her picture taken since she wanted to be pretty in her funeral picture. However, it turned out to be a magical photo studio, and when she went out of that studio, she started looking like her 20 years old self.

At first, she was worried since her family was worried and had nowhere to go; however, she eventually liked being in her 20 years old body. She withdrew cash from her account, brought a dress that looked good on her youthful body, rented a room owned by a very old friend, and eventually became a lead singer in a band led by her own grandson, who has no idea about her true identity. Her family and her old friend continue to worry; her own grandson also appears to have a crush on her.

While being a band vocalist, their band started gaining fame, and they are already performing on television. Mal Soon was also developing an admiration for the handsome tv show producer who followed her around at first. This producer somehow became a part of why she loves her younger self – she told her grandson that he is not her type, he also told her old friend that she has her eyes set on someone else (since this old friend has loved her for years). Also, this old friend was the one who got her busted since he looked into her stuff and also remembered the younger face of Mal Soon that he fell in love with.

Everything was going well with Mal Soon’s life in her 20 years old body. She is healthy, famous, the man she likes (the tv producer) also wants her back. But then she discovered something – losing blood will cause her to go back to her older self. She found this when she injured herself.

On their most significant performance, Mal Soon’s grandson, who was also the band leader, was late. Due to traffic, his grandson decided to take the bike and biked his way along the highway, but then he was bumped by a truck and had to be rushed to the hospital. The band performed without him, and they just ran to the hospital right after the performance. When Mal Soon arrived, the nurse announced that her grandson needed a blood transfusion as soon as possible, and since they have the same blood type, she volunteered. She donated blood to her grandson even though she knew that this would make her old once again.

The next scene was a year later when she was already old, and the band was performing on stage with a different vocalist – her granddaughter. During that time as well, she held the eye of the tv producer but never had the chance to talk to him. In the end, she was picked up by a very young man on his motorcycle; it turns out that this was her old friend, the one that had long been in love with her. He found the magical photo studio, and he is now young once again.


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