The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle (Book Summary)

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Iris and Will are happily married. Iris is a psychologist, while Will is a tech guy. After celebrating their wedding anniversary (by making love, Iris also received an expensive Cartier ring), Will flew to Orlando for a conference. However, while working, Iris discovered that a plane had crashed. She was scared for a while because she thought that it might be Will’s plane, but she was relieved when she found out that it was a different plane, the one that was going to Seattle. Her relief was short-lived because her mother called her and informed her that Will’s name was included in the crashed plane.

Iris took days off from work to mourn her husband’s death. She still couldn’t believe that he was dead, and at the same time, she was bothered why he was going to Seattle when the conference was in Orlando. Later on, she discovered that there really was no conference in Orlando, and he was lying to her. Iris met Will’s friend from the gym named Corban Hayes. I Will never mention him to her, but it looks like they were close with the info from Corban.

Iris received cards from many people, but one thing stood out – a card from a school in Seattle. That was when she suspected that Will lied to her about his past. So she went to Seattle along with her twin brother and found out that Will indeed lived there, and he has a reputation. According to the people they talked to, Will was a bully, and he set their house on fire, and it killed his mother. While in Seattle, Iris started receiving messages from an unknown number telling her to go home.

When Iris and Dave went home, Iris received Will’s wedding ring found in the cornfield where the plane crashed. She was devastated, but after a long shower, she found a note in her dresser that said: “I’m so sorry” and it was Will’s handwriting. It was sent two days ago, which means days after the crash. She got confused and had her hopes up.

Iris was contacted by Will’s boss, Nick. They talked about how she was coping up, and eventually, Nick revealed to her that Will stole money from their company, AppSec. Nick threatened that he would be coming after the money even if it meant taking down Iris or Will, who claims to be dead. The cash is four million dollars and counting. Iris tried looking for the money herself, hoping that she would also find Will if she found the money. When she traced a number used to buy the Cartier ring Will gave her on their months, she contacted the number. The number texted back and pretended to be Will. However, she had it traced, and she discovered that it was Corban Hayes and not Will.

Since Iris could be held accountable for the money that Will stole, she consulted Evan, a lawyer that also lost his family from the plane crash. They were looking into the police report regarding the fire that Will allegedly started one night. He looked around the house to make sure no one was around and to keep Iris safe. The moment Evan left, Corban appeared. It turns out he was already inside the house, hiding, and he knew how to turn the alarm off. Corban asked her to reveal where Will was. He was angry because Will took the money they stole from AppSec. Since Will wasn’t responding to Corban, Iris was used to contacting him. Will answered the phone when it was Iris. Iris was surprised and relieved that Will was alive. Will was saying that he was already on his way. She waited for him along with Corban.

While waiting, Evan came back because he had left his wallet. Corban gave Iris instructions, and she followed them because if she asked Evan’s help, Corban would hurt him, and she may not have the chance to see Will. So she told Evan that everything was fine and sent him away. The two of them continued waiting, but it took so long for Will to arrive. A few hours later, there were footsteps from outside the house. The phone rang, and Corban answered it. It was the police. They barged inside, and Corban didn’t know what to do, as well as Iris. However, the next thing she saw was Corban’s head blasting from a gunshot.

Nobody from the policemen knew who fired the gun since they were not allowed to shoot him because he was unarmed. Iris stayed at Evan’s while she was still in shock and while her house was still a crime scene. After Corban’s death, the money from Appsec was found on Corban’s computer. Even and Iris agreed on their suspicion – it was Will who shot Corban, and he was the one who put the money on Corban’s computer.

After a month, Iris finally decided to sell the house because she could not afford to pay it, and she needed the cash since she was paying for Will’s father’s facility. While talking to Evan about their plans, Will suddenly appeared in the living room. Iris ran towards him and hugged him, but afterward slapped him because he deserved it after everything he let Iris go through. He also told the truth: Corban Hayes’ real name was Corban Huck, and he was Will’s neighbor back in Seattle. Corban asked him to steal money from AppSec, or else he will tell Iris the truth about Will’s past. Will stole the money, but Nick found out about it. Will ran away and faked his own death because he’d instead let Iris think that he’d be dead, then look at him differently because of his past. It was just a coincidence that the plane to Seattle crashed. He hacked the airline’s system and listed himself as a passenger. The conference in Orlando was not actual, but he intended to go there because someone could help him get a new identity in exchange for a payment.

Iris was angry at everything Will did, but she also admitted that she still loved him. Will asked her to run away with her and leave a simple life in a secluded place, but she declined because she couldn’t be out with her parents. Left with no choice, they said goodbye as they made love for the last time. Iris led Will in the bedroom, and as they made love, Iris pressed the button on the alarm system installed in the house, and in just a few minutes, policemen would then arrive.

  • The End of The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle.
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