Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (Book Summary)

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Nick Young has decided to bring Rachel Chu to Singapore and attend a very grand wedding. Both were professors and have been dating for 2 years; however, Rachel has no idea how rich Nick is. When she arrived in Singapore, she stayed in a hotel with Nick, which she later found out was owned by Colin Khoo. It will be Colin and Araminta’s wedding that they’ll be attending, and Nick will be the best man.

After staying in the hotel, Nick and Rachel lived with Nick’s Grandmother. Rachel was surprised to see the house Nick used to live in because it nearly resembled a palace. Rachel was later introduced to Nick’s parents and extended relatives, and not everyone liked her.

Nick’s mother, Eleanor, had Rachel investigated because she could not allow her son to marry someone without a background. Nick’s exes (daughter of Eleanor’s friends) were harsh on Rachel as well. They constantly make her jealous, and she shares the same intention – to drive Rachel away from Singapore, away from Nick.

After the wedding, attended by prominent guests, Nick realized something – he wants to marry Rachel. Francesca (Nick’s ex) mentioned to Rachel that she and Nick and another ex named Mandi had a threesome one summer at the wedding reception. Rachel was hurt and was mad at Nick for not telling her. They went on a road trip and were about to stay at her Grandmother’s Lodge to ease the mood. However, Nick’s Grandmother was informed by Eleanor that he was planning to marry Rachel, so they went to the Lodge and forbid Nick in front of Rachel.

Since Nick loved Rachel, he insisted on marrying Rachel (his plan on proposing was ruined because of his mother and Grandmother). Since Nick was persistent, Eleanor announced the information she got from an investigator she hired. Eleanore revealed that Rachel’s father was in prison and was not really dead, unlike what Rachel claims.

Rachel didn’t know about this, and since she was as shocked as Nick, she fainted. By the time she woke up, she had demanded to be driven away from the Lodge and even away from Nick. Rachel stayed at her friend’s house, Piek Lin. She locked herself in a room and refused to see Nick, and it got to the point where she broke up with Nick because she couldn’t stand his family. She does not want to have children who get exposed to Nick’s family. 

Rachel was planning to fly to China, accompanied by Piek Lin, to meet her father, who was in prison. However, she was stopped by her mother, Kerry, who was fetched by Nick. Kerry clarified everything – the man in prison was not her father because Kerry fell in love with another man. The man in jail was infertile due to his vices.

In the end, they canceled the trip to China. Piek Lin, Nick, and Rachel toured Kelly in Singapore. This tour includes Nick and Rachel’s reconciliation.

The End of Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.

Author: Kevin Kwan

Finished reading on July 26, 2018. 

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