Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (Book Review)

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What I liked about it:

⦁ It is addictive. While reading the book, I realized that this is not my type of novel to read. There are no dead girls involved, no mystery, no crime to be solved – just crazy rich Asians, and it turned out to be as a page turner just like all the thrillers I’ve read (no matter how far from being a thriller this is).

⦁ There was no dull moment. I never expected myself to be wildly entertained about a chapter that simply describes how elegant a character has lived. A character could just be talking about a shoe, and it will still be entertaining. 

⦁ Undeniably well written. The story is not unique because how often do we watch or read stories of a wealthy man falling for an average person? Yeah, really often, but with how this book was written, the story has become one of a kind. 

⦁ Fun setting and likable characters. I can only imagine the grand houses, clothes, and closets. Plus, each character has their own admirable personality (even Kitty Pong, the actress who dated Alistair for money, made some scenes funnier)


What I didn’t like about the book: 

⦁ Overflowing extended relatives. As for now, I think I can only remember 10 characters. As for the rest, I guess I’ll just have to hope that I can already recognize them in the third book.

⦁ Foreign terms. There were tons of Foreign words in the conversation, and I already gave up trying to check the meaning every time a character mentions a period. The implications are found at the end of every chapter, which is inconvenient for me. It makes the conversation more realistic, but I guess adding a paragraph containing the word’s meaning will work.


How it ended for me:

It was just the proper ending for me, and I find it so good that I am now thrilled to read the 2nd and 3rd books and then watch the movie. 

              • Author: Kevin Kwan
              • Finished on June 24, 2018
              • Rating: 4.5/5

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