China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan (Book Summary)

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Two years after visiting Singapore to meet Nick’s family, Rachel is finally set to be married. Nick and Rachel already planned their wedding, which does not include most of Nick’s family (since they still do not approve of Rachel.) Nick made sure that his mother Eleanor wouldn’t hear about the wedding so she wouldn’t try to stop it. However, just before the wedding, Eleanor showed up – but instead of stopping the wedding, she gave them her blessing. She also set up Rachel to meet her father.

Eleanor ends up being okay with Rachel because she discovers something. While visiting her banker, Eleanor met Bao Shaoyen, whose son was involved in a car crash. Shaoyen showed Eleanor her son’s photo. Eleanor knew right away that this had something to do with Rachel. Shaoyen’s son, Carlton, looks like Rachel’s male version. Eleanor dug deeper and confirmed that she had just found Rachel’s father, a wealthy politician.

After the wedding, Nick and Rachel went to China to spend time with Rachel’s father, Gaoliang. However, Shaoyen was worried about the trouble that Rachel’s existence may cause, so she decided not to meet them. Nick and Rachel were later on entertained by Carlton and his girlfriend, Colette. They dined in famous restaurants and attended parties, mostly Colette Bing’s crowd. Colette Bing is a wealthy and renowned fashion blogger.

While enjoying their stay, Nick & Rachel also went to Paris because Colette and her friends wanted to shop. During one party in Paris, Colette’s suitor Richie Yang proposed, and she declined. Richie insisted, and it led him to a fight with Carlton – and they ended up agreeing to race, placing a $10million bet.

Worried that Carlton would get hurt again, Rachel pleaded with Carlton to back off from the race. Carlton said horrible things to Rachel first, but he then realized that she was right. 
Rachel was invited by her friend Peik Lin to Singapore. While Nick went to the library, Peik Lin and Rachel went to the spa. However, Rachel got poisoned and was rushed to the hospital. While in the hospital, they received a set of flowers with a note that mentioned the drug that poisoned Rachel so that the doctors could quickly reverse the effects.

Carlton was mad at first with his mother because he thought she had every intention to poison Rachel. However, as there was a further investigation, two people were arrested. The first was the boatman, who provided Rachel the tea that contains the drug. The 2nd person arrested was Roxanne, Colette’s personal assistant. Roxanne insisted that Colette had no idea about her plan. She claims that she did it because it’s what she thinks Colette needs.

When Rachel fully recovered, she met with Colette, who called her nonstop, sounding so worried and continuously apologizing. When they met, Colette apologized at first and then asked Rachel a favor. Colette asked Rachel to tell Carlton to call her, but Rachel declined to give Carlton time. Colette got angry and said hateful words to Rachel. Rachel was angry too, and she did the same to Colette. Someone took a video, and it went viral. While on the way home, Carlton gave Rachel a call because he was worried after seeing the video.

Carlton and Colette ended up breaking up. After getting poisoned, Gaoliang decided to bring Rachel and Nick home because she should have been staying, if not because of his wife, Shaoyen. In the end, Shaoyen accepted Rachel when she saw her. Also, having Rachel join their family wasn’t bad publicity at all.

Author: Kevin Kwan

Finished reading on July 13, 2018

The End of China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan.
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