Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan (Book Summary)

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Su Yi had a brutal attack and was rushed to the hospital. When Nick heard about this, he got worried but still didn’t want to go home – since he still remembers the rift he had with his grandmother when she tried to have Rachel investigated. Nick was later on convinced by Rachel and Eleanor to go home.

When Nick went home and went to Tyresall Park to visit her grandmother, he was no longer allowed to come in. Banning Nick from Tyresall Park was Eddie’s idea. He told everyone that his grandmother Su Yi didn’t want to see Nick, and letting Nick enter would worsen Su Yi’s condition. The rest of the relatives believed he and Nick were banned for days from visiting his grandmother, although he was only banned because Eddie made this up – he wanted NIck not to be included in the will because he feels like Su Yi will be leaving him the house.

While Su Yi was bedridden, Astrid went away for a wedding and secretly met Charlie. She has already separated from Michael, but no divorce papers have been signed yet. Michael was still accusing her of cheating with Charlie. While in Thailand (?), Astrid was serenaded and was proposed by Charlie. The proposal was very grand, and they were both so happy that they didn’t notice that there were photographers. A few days later, they were on the news, and Astrid’s parents were so angry they decided to ban Astrid from Tyresall Park too, much to Eddie’s advantage.

While in Singapore, Nick stayed with Colin believing that his grandmother didn’t want to see him. However, a guard named Vikram overheard Eddie talking (or screaming) at her mother. Vikram heard that Eddie wants Tyresall Park to himself, and not letting Nick inside the house will be a great help so he will no longer have any competition. Vikram and Ah Ling decided to do something because they want what’s best for Su Yi and don’t want Eddie to be their master. Vikram and Ah Ling led Astrid and Nick to the secret passage to visit Su Yi without being seen by their relatives, especially Eddie.

When Astrid met her grandmother, she asked her about the proposal. It turns out that Charlie asked for Su Yi’s blessing, and she knew all along about the planned proposal – contrary to what her relatives thought. When Nick met his grandmother, she gave him a pair of pearl earrings for Rachel. Su Yi was also stunned to know that Nick was not staying in Tyresall Park, so she requested his room be prepared. When Nick arrived, Su Yi went out of the room, joined them for breakfast, and planned a party. However, before the party could take place, Su Yi had already died.

Su Yi’s funeral was very grand, and only those who got an invitation were allowed to enter. After the funeral, everyone else, especially Eddie, was looking forward to the will reading because they wanted to know the new owner of Tyresall Park. Eddie expected that he would inherit the house, but it turns out that it was divided between siblings. Nick’s father got the highest share of 30%, while a fair share was divided among Su Yi’s daughters, Nick and Alistair. Confused at why Su Yi split it that way, they thought that the best option left for them was to sell the house.

There were already so many offers. The offers reached 10 billion dollars. Some suggestions came from developers, the other came from Jack Bing’s new wife, Kitty Bing, and Jack Bing’s daughter who married a count, Colette Bing. Kitty was very competitive towards Colette, and she was determined to get the house before Colette could. The Youngs were also considering selling the home to the Bings so that it would be preserved. However, Nick could just not let go of the house – so he looked for ways.

Nick asked his relatives to give him time, and he was given a month to raise enough money to buy his aunt’s shares. However, he never raised a considerable amount of money, and he was already on the verge of giving up when Ah Ling remembered what Su Yi told her before. Ah, Ling gave NIck the pouch of jewelry from Su Yi. Nick was then instructed to meet a prince and return the jewelry. That prince turned out to be Su Yi’s, first love. When NIck returned the jewelry pieces, he thought that he would be given enough money. However, it turns out that only a diary was hidden from the prince. He read the journal and discovered great things about his grandmother and other secrets no one also knew – like the affair Su Yi had with the prince, how she got pregnant, and how she was forgiven by her husband.

Nick came back without any money, but soon enough, he had an idea. He will need investors so that the house can no longer be sold. Kitty Bing, who wants the house so badly, settled with being just a secret investor if it means that Colette could not get the house for herself.

Nick’s plan was a success. Tyresall Park was preserved, and it even got better. 
One year later, another grand wedding happened. Alistair and Peik Lin got married. While attending the wedding, Rachel also told Nick that they are going to finally be parents.

Another scene: Astrid ran away because her scandal was leaked. It was a video of her and Charlie having sex. She hid in Palawan, Philippines, and eventually loved it there. She came back to attend Peik Lin and Alistair’s wedding looking very tan and elegant, wearing a dress she made. 

  • The End of Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan.
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