The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan (Book Summary)

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Anthony Peardew is the keeper of lost things. It started when he lost his late wife’s communion medal on her death, and he felt like he failed her. He collected the lost stuff and labeled them in his study, hoping that they would someday be reunited with its owners, just like the medal he lost. Those lost things also inspired his short stories that were published. When he died, he left the house they called Padua to Laura, his assistant. Laura took care of the house or her inheritance together with Sunshine and Freddy. Sunshine is a neighbor who became Laura’s friend after Anthony’s death. Freddy is the gardener who got close to Laura after Anthony’s death (they even end up falling in love).

Before Anthony died, he left a letter which contained a task for Laura: To return all the lost things in the study to their owner in any way she could. To do it, Laura started a website with the help of Freddy and Sunshine. However, while doing it, Therese (Anthony’s late wife) started haunting the house. Her bedroom was locked. Laura once saw her in the garden. Music starts playing randomly, sometimes it doesn’t play at all. Laura tried talking to her and reaching out. She asked for a sign and was presented with this: Anthony’s pen inside a biscuit can. Sunshine was able to interpret it as Anthony’s letter. It turns out that Therese wanted her to find the communion medal.

Meanwhile, the website for the lost things was a success. Other people have come to pick up their stuff, many people have emailed as well. There’s even a glove they posted that belonged to a dead woman, based on what one of the emails said (the deceased lady was run over by a train, she was suffering from depression, and Sunshine’s father was driving that train). There was also one email they received from a woman named Eunice. She then went to Padua to claim a biscuit tin that contained the Ashes of Bomber, her boss, her best friend, and the love of her life. During a funeral prepared by Bomber’s sister, Eunice took his ashes by placing them in a biscuit tin because she knew that Bomber wanted to be scattered in a place he thought was fabulous. However, she lost the biscuit tin on the train and never found it for years – until Laura posted it. She was reunited with Bomber now, and she also wants to return something she found. She found it the day she was hired by Bomber, It was also the day she saw Anthony, and the same day Anthony lost Therese (died of heart attack). Eunice presented a communion medallion to Laura, and Laura was stunned, for it was the medal she was sure Anthony and Therese had been looking for.

The End The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan.

            • Keeper of Lost Things Summary
            • Author: Ruth Hogan
            • Finished this on November 16, 2017
            • My rating: 3/5
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