Caraval by Stephanie Garber (Book Review)

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When I read it: I liked the setting at first, although it got confusing when they entered Caraval. I just could not imagine what Caraval looks like. I’m not sure if this is supposed to appear like a Carnival, if the game is a celebration, or if this is supposed to be a dark setting… Does Caraval look like an old palace where players get lost? Scarlett and Julian run, hide and chase someone, and I am a little confused with how I could imagine these scenes because one moment it was magical, but then it is suddenly dark on the next.

Why I was hooked: Of course, the plot and the ending. This is what I usually look forward to in a novel. I want to know what happens. Next, I want to see how the characters end up. Will Scarlett find Tella? Will she end up with Julian? Or will their father win once again this time? I want these questions answered so wrong, and glad that these were all answered at the end of the book, except for one thing – who Legend really is. 

My general opinion on this book: It was a magical read, and I am glad that I enjoyed this book. The plot twists make the novel exciting, and the only downside is it is a little confusing in the middle while Julian and Scarlett navigate the place. There was also enough romance on top of the mystery, which means everything is well balanced. I just hoped Caraval as a place was explained further. 

Will I read the second book? Nope. It was a great book, but it is not something I am really hooked into. Maybe Caraval will be explained further in the following books, but I honestly have no plans on reading further on the story. (Unlike Harry Potter, Maze Runner, and Hunger Games, where reading the sequel was a must for me.)

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