Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Poem #24)

In the beginning,
it has always been our mantra everytime there exists doubts
we would say,
whatever will be, will be

So today, years after we started
you knocked on my door
and although we could say that we already ended,
I knew I should’ve said
“Welcome home” with arms wide open
because maybe if i hugged you when you showed up
instead of simply asking what your visit was all about
then maybe you would’ve talked about how much you missed me
instead of:

“Remember how we said,
whatever will be, will be?”
You asked, and I nodded.
“Everything that happens,
have already been written n the stars.
Two people, no matter how far,
once destined,
will eventually find themselves in each other’s arms.

Remember how I found you in the midst of a messy crowd?
Remember how among a thousand people, it’s you that I found?
That’s what destiny is all about.
We were meant to meet
we were meant to last
but maybe, destined to end.

The signs are found in our fights and in our silence
It’s found in the way you crumple the sheets to hold back a sob
It’s found in the way you walk away and me, not feeling the urge to chase
It’s also found in the way you kiss
and the way we hold our hands
It’s love, it’s evident that we have our names carved on each other’s hearts
but that doesn’t mean
we are not meant to fall apart.”

Each word was a dagger to my chest
but instead of disagreeing to ease the pain
I kept on nodding
because no matter how painful,
everything he said was the truth

I did my best, he did his
and just like how we started
the mantra stayed until we ended
we both said,
“whatever will be, will be”
as we set each other free.

Published by

Forever Winter

Just reading and writing my way out of this messy adult life! I have transitioned from having piles of notebooks stacked underneath my bed from writing on the internet and allowing people worldwide to read.

15 thoughts on “Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Poem #24)”

    1. Hi there! I’ve read all your comments and thanks for being so sweet and for sharing my poem 😍 just wanted you to know that i schedule my posts weekly because i work full time so i only get the chance to blog during weekends. It’s very inspiring to see your comments every time i open wordpress πŸ™‚

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      1. You’re blog post also its very very inspiring thats why Ive wait for it everyday. Ohh by the way my classmates read some of your poem and they told me that youre good making a poetry and its inspiring .Glad they enjoyed reading it and like it.

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