Among All Comparisons (Poem #46)

Romantic novels made me believe
that love is a bunch of poetic comparison
between a masterpiece and a person

A gentleman found on pages
would recite how his woman resembles the sun
and sometimes the night sky

Women are described by their lovers
as birds that hum
and flowers that bloom
sometimes, they are compared to the world

So now I wonder,
among everything I could be compared to
why am I left hanging
just being compared
to the lady he previously made love with.

Published by

Forever Winter

Just reading and writing my way out of this messy adult life! I have transitioned from having piles of notebooks stacked underneath my bed from writing on the internet and allowing people worldwide to read.

9 thoughts on “Among All Comparisons (Poem #46)”

  1. At least women aren’t run of the mill or like an old pair of shoes. But, lovers and some strangers do speak in fluffy tones meant to captivate and even seduce, after all isn’t that what romance is all about, weaving threads of lacy delicate cloth together in order to seduce and capture; at least one’s imagination if not the entire prize? I must add though I get it, when you say being compared to anything isn’t a very pleasant or fair thing to have done to one’s being, which will leave you hanging there with an empty cup, not so refreshing after all is it! That’s why I say it’s best to be direct and say it like it is just putting all the cards on the table, not the writings though, and let it be, what it will be! Like Doris Day used to sing in the old pretty tune, “Que Sera, Sera,” “whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see, Que Sera, Sera, what will be, will be.” I like old classic films too, the people and music in them! “Que Sera, Sera,” Doris Day sang its debut in the Alfred Hitchcock film, “The Man Who Knew Too Much!” What would that be like to know too much I wonder? Maybe it all depends what one knows too much about! I do know we can sometimes know “too much for our own good!” Very interesting what you said about the writings in the rain, in your intro, which did give me some level of “inspiration and curiosity,” because I love the rain too, although I think “silence is golden,” at times! I fear nothing but God, maybe that is why I say this; I see what life is and know I’m in good hands! Also, these parting words, “there is a time and place for everything.” I’m glad to hear you salvaged those writings!
    Lawrence Morra

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  2. Being compared to the last woman he slept with is the downside to having multiple partners. Then again women also compare their currents partners with their former lovers – size does indeed matter.

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