Francesca’s Party by Patricia Scanlan (Book Summary)

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Francesca Kirwan has been married to Mark Kirwan for 22 years. They have two sons, Jonathan and Owen – both of them already grown-ups. Francesca thought she had a happy marriage, but she saw Mark with someone else at the airport. She drove him to the airport for his business trip, and he left his phone in the car. She looked for him in the airport, knowing how vital his phone was. However, she saw Mark kissing another woman.

The other woman is Nikki Langan. She’s around 30 years old, while Mark is already 46 years old. She’s in love with Mark, and she knows that he is married. She knew it before she got involved, and even though she never shows and talks about it, she wants Mark to leave Francesca for her.

Francesca realized that Mark and Nikki were going to Cork, to the same hotel they had their vacation. She followed them there and caught them having a romantic meal inside their hotel room. After leaving Mark’s suitcase in the hotel room, Francesca went back home and changed the locks in the house. She started weeping for her broken marriage.

The following encounters with Mark have been a disaster. They kept on throwing hurtful words at each other. Mark started living with Nikki, and he announced their relationship, also clarified that he and Francesca are now separated. Francesca lived alone in their house since her sons were in the States. She gained pounds since she was just at home with nothing to do.

One morning Nikki Langan drove by Francesca’s house and asked her for a divorce. Nikki also said hurtful words. Francesca got angry and dragged Nikki out of the house – when Nikki left, she also realized that she should start taking care of herself. Finally, Francesca began to look after her meals. Started walking her dog and even got a new job. Her first job was a disaster which was a clerk at a hectic accounting office. Her second job, which was as an assistant at a PR agency, helped her a lot. Through that work, she met Ralph.

Ralph once drove Francesca home, and they had a few drinks when Mark came by. Mark was furious, probably jealous, of Ralph. Mark already started noticing Francesca’s glow. Francesca and Ralph dined out once, but they never became a thing because Ralph turned out to have a drinking problem.

A few days after Francesca’s vacation with Millie in Portugal, she decided to divorce Mark. She went to the bank where Mark and Nikki work and announced what she wanted. They were both stunned, especially Mark, who didn’t want a divorce. Since Mark had an affair, he was advised that he didn’t have much choice but to agree peacefully to the divorce. They will be selling the house, dividing the sale and the contents.

One night while Mark went to Francesca’s or his old home to decide which painting he’d bring with him, they both drank wine and ended up having sex. Mark lied to Nikki about where he was going, and she detected the lie. She drove past Francesca’s place and saw Mark’s car parked outside. By then, Mark had already decided that he wanted to win Francesca back. He was happy after having sex, thinking that they were okay once again, but Francesca clarified that it was just plain sex. They continued being civil with each other.

When the house was sold, Francesca bought a cottage. When the cabin was renovated, she hosted a party and invited her close friends. Her 2 sons also went home. Mark got invited too because he called and tried asking his sons to drink while they were home from the States.

Everyone was having fun, but it was interrupted by 2 uninvited guests: Ralph & Nikki. Ralph arrived drunk and started cruelly describing Francesca, so Mark punched him. Ralph was on the floor when Nikki arrived. She just got back from the clinic, and she was so mad at Mark that she announced to everyone what she had just recently found out – she’s pregnant. After making that announcement, she fainted, and Francesca poured water on her face. Mark took Nikki home while Ken (Francesca’s boss) took care of Ralph. The party continued.

When Nikki and Mark talked about the pregnancy, they broke up because Mark no longer wanted a child. Mark went out of Nikki’s apartment, and since he was already homeless, he asked if he could stay with Francesca. She declined and suggested that he remains with Gerald. So he stayed with Gerald until he found a new place while Francesca carried on being an independent woman.

The End of rancesca’s Party by Patricia Scanlan.

List of Characters: 

            • Francesca Kirwan – the main character
            • Mark Kirwan – Francesca’s cheating husband
            • Jonathan & Owen – sons of Francesca & Mark
            • Nikki Langan – Mark’s other woman
            • Ralph – an admirer of Francesca
            • Millie – Francesca’s sister
            • Ken – Francesca’s boss (2nd job)
            • Gerald – Mark’s father
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