Entangled by Cat Clarke (Book Summary)

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Grace Carlyle woke up in a white room alone. She only got pens and paper. For her meals, a guy named Ethan brings him her favorite foods. She didn’t know why and how she got in that room. Her last memory was drinking and deciding to kill herself. That was also the night she met Ethan.

While in the room, she narrated what happened by writing it down:

She went away on Easter, and when she came back, her best friend named Sal was never the same. Grace kept asking her what was wrong, and Sal revealed that she thought she was pregnant – but she wouldn’t tell who got her pregnant. To make sure, Grace bought a pregnancy test. When it was confirmed, they scheduled an appointment at an abortion clinic. However, before going through the procedure, Grace and Sal argued. After that argument, they talked once more, and the things they said got more hurtful. Grace insisted that Sal should tell her what happened while Sal started blaming Grace. She said she was pressured and just had sex to prove a point. Sal also mentioned that Grace was cutting herself to ask for sympathy.

Since they fell out, Grace went out with an old friend named Sophie but not too long, Grace met Nat. She fell in love with him. Most of the time, they’d stay at Grace’s place. One time they were at Nat’s place, and Devon saw them. Devon is her classmate and, at the same time, Nat’s younger brother. Devon used to like Sal.

After almost two months, Sal contacted Grace and apologized. She was already done with the abortion, but she still wouldn’t tell her who got pregnant. Grace introduced Sal and Nat, hoping they would get along. On the first time they met and drank, Grace got wasted and kept snuggling with Nat in front of Sal. Their relationship seemed okay, but they got into a huge fight when Nat asked why Grace and Sal had fallen out. She told him that Sal had gotten pregnant, but he insisted on knowing who got her pregnant. Grace got annoyed and asked him to leave. Nat wanted to break up the next time they talked, but Grace pleaded, and he eventually agreed. On the 2nd time the three of them drank, Nat punched his friend Simon because he harassed Sal. At that time, Grace thought that was so brave of Nat. Their relationship just started to fall apart when Grace and Devon (Nat’s brother) started talking.

Devon often told her that Nat was just messing around, but Grace won’t listen. When Grace wanted to hang out, Nat informed her that his Aunt was about and he could not spend time with her yet. However, when Devon tried to talk to Grace, he had no idea what Aunt she was talking about. Despite her suspicions, she ignored Devon’s calls and texts. Then, she got a text from Nat wanting her to come over so they could talk. She went to his place, and Devon was there. She ignored Devon and headed straight to Nat’s room because she thought he was expecting her – but when she opened the door, she found Nat with Sal. Sal was just wearing her bra and jeans, her head on Nat’s lap. Grace ran away and didn’t talk to anyone.

A day after that, she said kind words to her mom, whom she also fell apart after her Dad killed himself (they have no idea why). She also told Sophie that she’s a good friend. She ignored Sal’s attempt at explaining. She ripped the letter that Nat sent. This time she was determined to kill herself.


After severe cuts, she ended up in a coma, and the guy she was in the white room, Ethan, is just a part of her thoughts. Ethan was sort of another version of herself she created while in a coma. When she nearly recovered, Ethan also faded.

While in a coma, she also found out the truth:

Nat and Sal met first when Grace was away.   But it was Nat’s friend, Simon, got her pregnant because she got drunk at Devon’s place. It was Sal who asked Nat to pretend like they had never met. She also requested Nat not to break up with Grace as she does not want to hurt her.

Grace didn’t wake up yet, but she decided that she wouldn’t give up while still in the coma.

The End of Entangled by Cat Clarke.

Purchase Entangled by Cat Clarke via Amazon: https://amzn.to/3oVpgdw

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