Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra (Book Summary)

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A young woman was caught shoplifting, and to be able to get herself out of a situation, she lied and claimed that she was Rebecca Winter.

Rebecca Winter was known as the girl who was abducted 11 years ago. The young woman who claims to be her saw her on the television and immediately noticed how they looked alike.

This young woman, now Rebecca’s imposter, ran away from home. She is not on good terms with her father and stepmother. She has already been living in the streets, but her life was about to change when she claimed that she was Rebecca.

The police helped the woman reunite with Rebecca’s family. Her parents fetched her and took her home. She also, later on, met Rebecca’s twin brothers, Paul and Andrew. The woman just informed them that she managed to escape from the kidnappers, and the family didn’t ask further questions. The only person that has a lot of questions is the detective. She has a lot of questions for the woman, which she could not answer because, after all, she is only pretending to be Rebecca.

The woman also met Lizzie and Jack. Lizzie is Rebecca’s best friend, while Jack is Lizzie’s brother, who had a crush on Rebecca. The woman and Jack hang out, and he has no clue that is not the honest Rebecca. However, Lizzie eventually figured out that the woman was not Rebecca. She is her best friend, and she knows her very well. The woman really looked like Rebecca, but she didn’t act like her at all. Lizzie got angry. The woman had no choice but to admit the truth. She asked Lizzie not to tell the parents yet because it would break their hearts.

The woman went back to the house, and she had already decided to leave, make everything right, and bring justice to Rebecca. If she keeps pretending to be her, then that means the kidnappers will never get caught.

When the twins left, the woman also planned to retire. She received a text from Lizzie telling her that she was sorry since she had already told Rebecca’s parents the truth. The woman thought it was weird because the parents didn’t mention anything. One thing was also odd – she realized that the parents and the twins never asked her for any details about the kidnapping.

Since the twins were already gone, the woman decided to go to the garage to check something she got curious about. She once found the mother in the garage, acting unusual, packing boxes. When she pushed the boxes aside, she saw a passage, and then – she saw a corpse. The woman got scared because it looked like Rebecca had not been kidnapped – but she was killed in her own home. The woman realizes that she needs to leave the house immediately because anyone from the family might hurt her.

When the mother went looking for her, she pretended to be using the washing machine. The woman’s phone started ringing, but the mother insisted on throwing the robe in the device, even with the phone in it. The woman protested, but the mother looked like she hadn’t heard anything.  She heard a bang from upstairs, and she found the father dead. He killed himself using a gun and left a note that said he could no longer keep pretending.

The woman confirmed that Rebecca had been murdered by her own family by that time.

Out of nowhere, the twins appeared. They are talking about hurting the woman. And then there was darkness.

The woman woke up and was in the back seat of a car. It is Lizzie who’s driving. When she got the woman’s reply about the family, Lizzie said that pretending not to know that the woman was just acting (even after telling them the truth) was very unusual, so she and Jack drove to the house. The house was on fire. Lizzie saved the woman, but she just kept washing the dishes like nothing was wrong with the mother. Lizzie left the mother, but the rescuers were able to get her.

The woman decided to call the detective and tell the truth about what happened to Rebecca.

What really happened to Rebecca Winter:

Rebecca works in McDonald’s with her best friend, Lizzie. She once asked her workmates to come over to their house to perform an exorcism. She thought the house was haunted because there was an instance when she woke up covered with blood. The exorcism didn’t push through because Rebecca and Lizzie had an argument. The others who attended (the manager and Luke) just went home. The truth about the blood – it was done by her twin brothers.

Rebecca has two twin brothers whom she adored. They looked very bored, and Rebecca was guilty of always going away, so she promised them that she’d take her to the swimming pool. They couldn’t go on the first planned, so she apologized and promised to take them another day. When they were about to go to the pool, she saw something on one twin’s backpacks. They brought a tool that could hurt someone. Rebecca got angry. She walked out of the house, not sure where to go. She looked for Luke but discovered that he had talked to some other girls aside from her. She went to see Lizzie, but she was not around, only her father, and she got uncomfortable because he talked about sex, so she decided to just go to work.

When she was at home, the twins hurt her. She also saw one of them holding a knife. She realized that they were the ones who hit her in the head back when she assumed she had just fainted because of the heatstroke. She remembered how they tortured her cat. Rebecca decided to run away before she became the twin’s next victim.



The woman apologized to her father and stepmother. Her father promised to get her an excellent lawyer to help her.

The twins were convicted, not with Rebecca’s murder but with Max. Max is their neighbor who was not mentally stable. It was his body that the woman found in the garage and not Rebecca. The policy does not have enough evidence to convict them for Rebecca’s murder, but their DNA is all over Max’s, so they were still sent to prison.

The woman saw a familiar figure looking intently at the news on the train station. When she approached her, she saw a very familiar face. She saw the replica of her own face – it was Rebecca Winter. When Rebecca saw the woman, she ran away. They never got the chance to talk.

The End of Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra.

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