Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (Book Summary)

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Camille Preaker is a reporter who was asked to go back to her hometown to cover what happened to two young girls. She personally doesn’t want to go back because she doesn’t have a good relationship with her mother. They didn’t get into a major fight. She just knows that they can’t stand each other. Her mother, Adora, has a husband named Alan and another daughter named Emma. Emma is Camille’s half-sister. Another sister named Mary Anne used to be, but she had already died many years ago.

When she arrived, the residents were helping look for Natasha, the 2nd victim. The first victim was Anne. Natasha’s body was eventually found, and just like Anne, all of her teeth were removed.

Camille started asking questions around town. She talked to the police and got no relevant information. She spoke to a kid named James, who was the last one who saw Natasha. He said he saw a white woman take Natasha. Nobody believed him. Camille talked to Anne’s family and was able to get information about her. The mother won’t speak to Camille for Natasha, but she could talk to the brother, John. Camille saw that John was in grief. He informed her about the incident Natasha got previously involved in – she stabbed her classmate’s eye during a painting class. Camille also talked to Meredith, John’s girlfriend. She mentioned that both Anne and Natasha were a biter. Anne even bit Camille’s mother, Adora. Adora used to tutor Anne.

Camille found this odd because she wasn’t expecting her mother to be close with the victims. Camille already felt like Adora didn’t like her at a young age. Even at present, Camille does not understand why Adora took so much care of Mary Anne and Emma and not her.

Camille also met the detective, Richard, working on the case. They talked about the murders, and Richard gave her details that she could include in the newspaper. They enjoyed each other’s company and slept together.

Amma, Camille’s half-sister, was very mean and a bully. Camille knows that because of how Emma treats her. However, she did drugs one night with Amma and had fun with her. They got injured as they had fun, and when Camille woke up the next day, Amma explained their injury to Adora. Amma told Adora that the two of them had fallen down the stairs. Adora believed that excuse and started caring for Camille. Adora gave her pills and made her drink milk, but Camille got suspicious. She remembered talking to Amma last night about how Adora loves taking care of her when she is sick.. is it possible that Adora intentionally made her daughters sick because she likes taking care of a sick child?

Camille realizes that she and Amma are in danger while still with Adora. She went out of their house, not knowing exactly where to go. She ended up in a bar where John is Natasha’s older brother and the main suspect. They talked and drank. John has broken up with Meredith. Camille and John ended up sleeping together that night. The next day, they heard knocks in the hotel room. Outside stood a police officer along with Richard. He looked shocked, and Camille was guilty about being caught sleeping with another man.

Camille decided to continue her own investigation about her mother. She, later on, went to the hospital where her younger sister Marian died. She asked for the records and saw a note on one nurse. The letter mentioned that Marian is not sick and that she only gets sick when her mother cares for her. Camille looked for the nurse and talked to her. She said she couldn’t do anything because she was still very young, and the doctors wouldn’t believe her when she tried telling them about it. She thinks Adora is sick and very dangerous to her children. The nurse also revealed that Richard had already talked to her to ask questions.

Camille and Richard talked about Adora being the suspect. Richard thinks Adora killed Ann, Natasha, and Marian – but they would need further investigation and a warrant to search the house, so at the moment, it will be best for Camille to go back home and act like everything is normal.

At home, Amma was acting like everything was normal. She kept asking questions, and she was her usual demanding self. After dinner, Adora made Camille drink something. Adora told her that she was challenging to care for as a child. That’s why she never liked her.

Camille got sick after drinking what Adora gave her. She got dizzy but could still hear the voices downstairs – Adora was screaming. The cops arrived, including Richard. Since Camille was naked, Richard was able to see her cuts. She is a cutter. When they have sex, they do it with their clothes on.

Adora was sent to prison for the murder of Ann, Natasha, and Marian. Alan, Adora’s husband, moved to a place near her jail. As for Amma, Camille took her with her to Chicago.

Amma was being difficult. She complains about the place, about not buying the parts for her dollhouse, which is a replica of their wind gap home. Camille sent Amma to a therapist, but it wasn’t helping. She is still her usual spoiled self, and she has become possessive of Camille.

Amma had a friend in school, and Camille liked her. She used to hang out in their apartment. However, Amma’s friend, later on, turned up dead. Since Adora is already in jail, Camille realizes that Amma is not innocent.

Amma was sent to a mental institution. Truth is, it was Amma who killed her new friend. She also killed Natasha and Ann with the help of her friends. She took out their teeth because she needed them for her dollhouse.

Camille went back to Chicago and lived with her chief editor and wife. They don’t have any children, and they took care of Camille in the meantime.

The End of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

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