The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll (Book Summary)

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Ani FaNelli looked like she had everything she wanted in her life. She has a great career in the NY times and a rich & handsome fiance – Luke. She will be married in a few weeks, and she has been stressed and has been dieting. Before the wedding, she agreed to do a documentary on what happened to her in Bradley, the prestigious school where she attended middle school.

Ani FaNelli at 14 years old: 

She came from a Catholic School. When she started attending Bradley, her first friend was Arthur. A large boy with glasses. Arthur introduced her to Beth, and Ani sat with them during lunch. Then Ani met Hillary and Olivia, the popular girls. She also met Dean, Liam, and Peyton. She sat with them during lunch.

Dean invited Ani to their house and asked her not to tell Hillary and Olivia. They drank (Ani and the three guys, Dean, Liam, and Peyton). The three guys raped Ani that night. When she went to school, rumors were already circulating about her. Even her English teacher, Mr. Larson, asked if she was okay. Ani was still in denial and was unsure if what happened to her was rape. She still hung with the cool guys. One night they drank at Olivia’s place, Dean took advantage of Ani again. He slapped her. The commotion awakened Olivia’s father and angrily asked them to leave. Ani just wandered and got lost, then Mr. Larson allowed her to sleep at his place and took care of her. The next day, Dean apologized, and Ani just sort of accepted it. When they were at lunch, Dean got angry at Ani because he saw her enter the faculty room, and then he, later on, got a warning. She was no longer sure if they were still friends.

After gym class, as Ani showered, Olivia and Hillary approached her, asked if she was going somewhere. They told Ani they’d hang out next time and then went out of the shower room. When Ani arrived at school the next day, her shorts were hanging on a board – it got period blood. It smelled nasty – Ani knew. It was Olivia and Hillary who did it. That’s what they took when they approached her in the shower room.

She skipped class and started hanging at Arthur’s house. They smoked pot, ate, then scribbled at the yearbook. They became very close, and Ani began to regularly hang out at his place.

In one class, they were passing notes. A teacher called Ani and asked her to go to the board to write a horrible description of herself. Arthur got angry and defended Ani. He stood up, towering over the teacher, then yelled at her. Arthur was escorted to the office – and then got expelled.

Ani got guilty when she heard that Arthur got expelled, but they got into a huge fight instead of comforting him. Arthur told her that she was disgusting while Ani said something about his sexuality and took the photo of Arthur and his Dad and ran away – Arthur tried to chase her, but he couldn’t keep up.

After a few days – the tragedy happened in Bradley. Arthur, along with Ben, entered Bradley. They brought a homemade bomb and started shooting. Ben used to go to Bradley, but he was bullied. Rumors about him giving a blow job have spread. Dean also took a shit on his chest, and Ben got suicidal. Ben was sent to a mental institution.

Arthur and Ben killed almost all the students that sit with Dean. They killed Olivia, Liam, and Peyton. There were others too. Hillary and Dean were severely injured. Beth and Ani were able to escape safely. To run, it was Ani who had to kill Arthur. She stabbed him in the neck with a knife.

After that incident, detectives and a psychologist interviewed Ani. She had no choice but to reveal that she was raped. Her mother also knew – but she dismissed it, believing it wasn’t really rape. The detectives, the victims, and just bystanders started putting the blame on Ani – because she was friends with Arthur, because Dean and his friends raped her because her fingerprints are on Arthur’s gun, and because of all the terrible things she scribbled in Arthur’s yearbook.

There wasn’t enough evidence to send her to jail, but she still received hate mails.


Since Ani decided to do the documentary, she had to go back home and even visit Bradley to film. She narrated what happened except for the part where she was raped. She talked to Arthur’s mom, who requested that Arthur’s photo that Ani took be returned. She also spoke to Dean – who apologized to Ani (mainly for the sake of his new book). He also apologized for raping her, but he asked that she not be filmed. Ani figured out in the end that the microphone was on and Dean’s confession had been recorded – Ani is planning to use that recording someday.

While also filming the documentary, Ani met Mr. Larson again. He is a client of Luke, and he’s happily married to his wife, Whitney. Ani wanted to talk to Mr. Larson, so she spent time with him. The farthest they have gone is kissing.

When Ani got back, she agreed to move to London with her fiance, Luke. Luke also decided to have their wedding filmed.

The first thing she did when she arrived (after snuggling with Luke) was to look for Arthur’s photo so she could return it to his mom – but she couldn’t find it. Luke convinced her that it would just reappear when she stopped looking for it.

Before Ani and her best friend flew to where the wedding will be held, she saw a shell – and she was sure that it was part of the frame for Arthur’s photo. She decided to call off the wedding.

She went to the bathroom and told her best friend what she wanted to do. Luke confessed that he used the frame while sniffing drugs with his friends.

The wedding was called off. Ani got a new job. She continued coordinating with Erin (director of the documentary).

The End of The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.

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