Hotel Del Luna (Summary)

Hotel Del Luna Summary


The year is 1998. A man was dying and ended up in the Hotel. He attempted to steal but was eventually caught. To escape, he sold his son to Jang Man Wol – the hotel owner. In 2019, Man Wol went after the man’s son, Koo Chan Sung, and asked him to work at the Hotel.


Chan Sung still insists on not working at the Hotel, so Man Wol gave her a unique birthday gift – the ability to see ghosts. Seeing ghosts affected his current work.

The previous manager of Hotel Del Luna died and visited Chan Sung, so they could talk. Han Sung, later on, saw how beautiful the Hotel was at night.



Chan Sung finally agreed to work at the Hotel. They helped a girl who died continue her life by using the body of the one who murdered her.

Chan Sung admitted that she kept on having dreams of Man Wol. His latest goal was of Man Wol with a man.



Chan Sung helped another ghost – a blind woman who was hit by a motorcycle and only remembered the touch of the driver’s hand. Chan Sung likes his work so far, but Man Wol is not happy because the tree, which has been dead for years, sprouted leaves when Chan Sung touched it. Man Wol planned to get rid of Chan Sung by sending him to Room 13, but she, later on, saved him and kissed him.



The Hotel prepares for a wedding for a ghost that was forced to marry. The apparition ended up not getting married because she decided to let go of her boyfriend. She was able to go to heaven.

Man Wol thinks that the deity sent Chan Sung to the Hotel to send her off (to the afterlife)



The Hotel helped a ghost actor who thought he was a real king. They helped the ghost possess the body so he could act like a king. Chan Sung’s girlfriend, Mi Ra, visited him. In the middle of their date, he chased a celebrity to get an autograph for Man Wol.



Man Wol and Chan Sung tracked the ghost who escaped from Room 13 – the spirit has been victimizing men through a video link. They discovered that this ghost committed suicide due to a scandalous video. The energy was banished by the deity. Man Wol and Chan Sung punished the man who leaked the shameful video.

Man Wol got emotional when she saw Mi Ra – she looked like the princess from her early life, the one who punished her since she used to be a thief.



Man Wol and Chan Sung helped eliminate a ghost that wasn’t a soul but was just a product of someone’s imagination.

Man Wol invited Mi Ra to the Hotel. Man Wol tried putting a curse on Mi Ra, but Chan Sung arrived and was the one who ended up hurt. Chan Sung slept for 3 days, and when he woke up, Hotel Del Luna disappeared.

While sleeping, Chan Sung dreamed about who Mi Ra is in Man Wol’s life. Along with a man, Mi Ra was the one who ordered to kill Man Wol’s people. Because of that, Man Wol beheaded Mi Ra.



Chan Sung looked for Hotel Del Luna and found a way through the chairman of the Hotel he previously worked. When Chan Sung returned to the Hotel, he let in the deity that looked after the well, bringing water inside the Hotel. The Creator wished not to come back to the well since it keeps drying up due to alcohol making. Chan Sung helped the deity settle into another place.



Man Wol and Chan Sung helped the ghost in the library, who became Chan Sung’s mother. She was trying to protect the photos of Chan Sung that were in one of the books in the library. Chan sung was the one who sent her off.

Mi Ra met a cop who was Man Wol’s best friend in her early life.



It’s the lunar eclipse, and the Hotel accepted a newlywed couple who’s not dead. Chan Sung’s friend, Sanchez, had to say goodbye to his girlfriend, who got involved in an accident in China. Chan Sung helped Sanchez say goodbye by taking him to the Hotel.

Chan Sung met with the man who murdered multiple people. The man was someone he knew from college.



The Hotel Staffs thought Chan Sung died after confronting the serial killer, but it was really the killer who got hurt (after harming himself). The killer went to the rooftop of the hospital and killed himself. Man Wol met the killer’s ghost but couldn’t hurt him. The killer vanished, and Man Wol asked helped from the grim reaper. The grim reaper gave Man Wol a task to take a sick child who should’ve died 3 years ago but was given lifelines by his parents. They were able to take the child.

Man Wol got worried because the flowers from the tree started falling, which meant it was time for her to go. Chan Sung told her he loved her, and they kissed.



Hotel Staff Ms. Choi worked for 200 years in the Hotel while waiting for a family line to end. She thought it ended when the last son came to the Hotel, but it turned out that the man’s girlfriend was pregnant, which means Ms. Choi can’t leave for the afterlife yet.

A kid who had a dream of the Hotel visited and looked for his mom. When he disappeared, Chan Sung thought he went to the afterlife, so he followed. The kid didn’t go to the afterlife. When Chan Sung returned, Man Wol noticed that he was different wast.


They were able to catch the soul of the man who killed 7 people.

Man Wol found out that the man she first fell in love with didn’t betray her after all and has always been in the Hotel disguised as a firefly. After talking to the deity, she met Go Chung Myung and resolved her grudge with him. Since his soul is already weak, Man Wol took her to the afterlife. Since the time is different in the bridge to the afterlife, Man Wol has been gone for a month already, and the Hotel Staffs including Chan Sung, are beginning to feel anxious.



Chan Sung was asked by the deity to go to Man Wol Inn (Hotel Del Luna’s last name) to get the moonflower. The Creator will use the flower to make the wine that will be drunk by the following hotel owner. By the time Chan Sung came back, Man Wol also came back.

The Hotel Receptionist, Ji Hyun Joong, also resolved his grudge – it was revealed that the man who killed him before was the same man that’s taking care of his sister and pretending to be him.

The wine is ready to be drunk by the new owner. Yuna (the intern) stole it so Man Wol could drink it and stay In the Hotel.



Chan Sung sent off everyone from the Hotel. First to leave was the bartender, Kim Sun Bi, after his name got cleared with the help of two writers who happened to be a guest at the Hotel. Second, to leave was Ji Hyun Joong. After his sister died, they went to the afterlife together. Third, to leave was Ms. Choi. After she talked to the woman carrying the last child of the family she’s waiting on. Last to go was Man Wol, who decided not to drink the wine and leave for the afterlife.

Hotel Del Luna closed. Chan Sung met Man Wol again in a park (although it is not clear if this is his imagination or Man Wol’s 2nd life). The deity gathered again and announced that the Hotel would open again – this time, it is named Hotel Blue Moon, owned by a young man.


End of Hotel Del Luna Korean TV Series. 


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