What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Summary)

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Summary


Secretary Kim worked for Chairman Lee Young-Joon (A narcissist) for 9 years, and she has decided to quit. She wants time for herself since she has already paid her father’s loans. Lee Young-Joon gets anxious and tries to figure out why Kim suddenly wants to leave. Kim revealed that she wanted to get married, and the Chairman said she would allow her to marry him.



The Chairman made another attempt to make Kim stay – he told her that he would date her. The Chairman joined them during dinner and Karaoke. Kim didn’t take him seriously and said to him that he was not her type. The Chairman got mad and became bitter; it made Kim guilty. It turns out; the Chairman planned something romantic for her.



The Chairman took Kim to an amusement park (he got the idea from making Kim answer a survey). The Chairman also got jealous twice – the first was with Kim’s blind date, and the second was during the field day where Kim partnered with a popular guy in the company. The boss sprained his foot while trying to walk out, and Kim escorted him home.



The Chairman’s brother, Morpheus, came back from abroad, and they had a fight. Kim is looking for an idea for their hotel opening and thinks she will invite Morpheus without knowing that he is the Chairman’s estranged brother.

After the Chairman and Morpheus fought, the Chairman went to Kim’s apartment. Kim treated his wound.



Kim and Morpheus met, and the Chairman arrived. Kim and the Chairman got into a fight. Kim heard the rumor that the Chairman and Morpheus are brothers. The Chairman apologized first, and Kim also apologized. They almost kissed, but the Chairman pushed her away.



Kim was extra friendly to the Chairman the next day because she was just informed that he got kidnapped as a kid. She was also seized as a kid and met a boy but couldn’t remember his name. However, later that day, she informed that it wasn’t the Chairman who got kidnapped but his brother, Morpheus.



Kim kept hanging out with Morpheus as they wanted to remember what happened during the kidnapping. It angered the Chairman. During a workshop, Kim got scared after seeing a spider, and the Chairman comforted her by giving her a candy – it reminded her of the boy she was with during the kidnapping.



Kim finally confesses that she also likes the Chairman. He attempted to kiss her but really couldn’t, so Kim kissed him.



Kim and the Chairman are officially dating and are trying to hide it from their colleagues at work. They are adjusting and trying to balance between being a couple and working together. Kim also turned down Morpheus.



The Chairman joined Kim’s sisters at a resort to make a good impression. He had a hard time but was able to get along with them in the end. The Chairman’s and Morpheus’ mother revealed that it wasn’t really Morpheus who got kidnapped.

Kim fainted when some memories came back to her.



What happened during the kidnapping was revealed. Kim remembered the details after fainting while the Chairman never forgot and just pretended not to know what had happened. Ever since Kim became his secretary, the Chairman already knew who she was. It was really the Chairman who got kidnapped, and Morpheus was the one who left him there. Morpheus just didn’t remember what happened and had false memories because of his guilt.



The Chairman attempted to live with Kim because he was worried about how she’d handle her memories. They lived together at his house instead. The Chairman wasn’t able to sleep at all.



Ji Ah (Kim’s replacement) found out that Kim and the Chairman are dating.

Kim agreed that she’d sleep with the Chairman.



The Chairman met with a childhood friend, and Kim got jealous.

The whole company heard the rumor of Kim and the Chairman dating. Some staff also saw them being sweet. After a stressful day, Kim decided to continue being a secretary. The Chairman got drunk with Kim’s father



Kim got drunk with some colleagues. Morpheus gave advice to the Chairman on how to propose. The Chairman finally presented.



They prepared for the wedding. Kim and the Chairman argued because she brought him to the cafe where she had a blind date. They were able to make up and had a beautiful wedding in the end.

End of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Korean TV Series. 

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