Dead to Me Season 1 (Summary)

Dead to Me Season 1 Summary


Jen Harding joined a support group after her husband died in a hit and run. Jen met Judy Hale, and they became friends. Jen found out that Judy’s fiancé was alive (Judy claimed that he died), and they only broke up because Jen kept having miscarriages. They reconciled, and Jen offered her guest house for Judy to stay.

Judy owns a car that has a dent.


Judy started living with Jen. Jen started working with Steve (Judy’s ex-fiancé) in selling the house. Steve filed a restraining order from Judy since she has been stalking him a lot.



It was Judy and Steve who hit Ted (Jen’s late husband). Judy was the one driving, and Steve convinced her not to tell anyone. Judy approached Jen because she felt so guilty and wanted to make up for the crime she did.

While practicing a videogame to play with her son, Jen found messages that may indicate that Ted was having an affair.



Jen was able to confirm Ted’s affair. The girl is named Bambi, a young waitress. Bambi didn’t know about Ted having a wife; she thought all along that Jen died of Breast Cancer. Jen was angry, and at the moment, she said she was glad Ted was dead.



Jen and Judy attended a grief retreat. Jen met a guy who still talks a lot about his dead wife – so nothing happened between them. Meanwhile, Judy met a lovely man, who happens to be a detective.



Jen’s kids are in trouble. The older one is selling drugs, the younger one has anger management issues. The kid who saw Ted’s body approached Jen and gave her the headlight she found that day. Judy got scared. When she checked the storage where she hid the car, it was already gone.



Judy and Steve spent the day breaking up the parts of the car to get rid of it. The next day, Jen announced that they now have the make and model of the car (Mustang 66) because of the headlight that was found. Jen will be receiving a list of people who owns that kind of car in their town.



Judy thought she was pregnant, so she broke up with Nick – she wasn’t pregnant. Jen still couldn’t find the guy who hit Ted, but Nick passed by TKG Arts, Judy’s gallery. TKG Arts were listed as one of the owners of Mustang 66.



Nick figured out what happened, but the detective in charge won’t listen. Judy confessed to the detective that Steve is a money launderer. Jen admitted that Ted died; they had a fight because he made her feel so disgusting (after having a mastectomy). Judy suddenly recognized that it was her who hit Ted that night.



Jen would no longer talk to Judy. She turned Judy in, but the police would still need to investigate. After withdrawing all the money from her joint account with Steve and giving it to Henry (Jen’s son), she attempted to kill herself, but Jen called her. Jen shot Steve. When Judy arrived at Jen’s house, Steve was already floating dead in the pool.

End of Dead to Me Season 1 (Netflix Series)

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