The Good Place Season 1 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 1 Summary


Eleanor Shellstrop died and ended up in a suitable place, but there has been a mistake – she was wawasn’the lawyer who helped innocent people on death row. She knows that shshe’sot meant to be in a good place but shshe’serrified of the wrong place. The excellent place experienced giant flying bugs, shrimps, and giraffes because Eleanor was horrible at the people during a party.


ElEleanor’soulmate in a good place, Chidi Anagonye, decided to help her on how to be good. Today it rained trash because Eleanor ditched the garbage so she could go flying – but she got guilty at night and made some effort to clean. Eleanor received a note in her home saying ‘you dodon’telong here


Eleanor tried to bond with Tahani Al-Jamil and stole her diary because she seemed so perfect – but Eleanor dididn’tind any flaw. She got another note telling her to meet someone at Town Square – she met JianyuTaTahani’soulmate, a monk and took a vow of silence. It turns out, Jianyu was like Eleanor. Jianyu has no idea why hehe’sn the excellent place.


Jianyu revealed himself – his real name is Jason Mendoza, a DJ who sells fake drugs to students. Jason decided to be himself instead of pretending to be a monk, but Eleanor thinks it’s a terrible idea. Before Jason could speak up, Eleanor destroyed a cake which created a sinkhole. Eleanor also invited Jason to ChChidi’slass to learn about ethics.


The sinkhole has gotten worse, and Michael (the neneighborhood’srchitect) advised everyone not to go outside. Chidi thinks teaching Eleanor is a tiring job, and they had an argument. The next day, Eleanor decided to let Chidi relax by the river. The sinkhole was magically fixed.


Jason started talking but still struggled to speak to Tahani. Eleanor, as she was previously hired as MiMichael’sssistant, tried helping him solve what caused the chaos. Eleanor thought shshe’susted, but Michael announced that he thinks the problem is his himself.


Michael planned on retiring, but retirement for architects like him meant torture. Since Janet (the programmed guide) is the only one who can take Michael to retirement, Eleanor decides to kill her. Chidi accidentally pushed the button and killed Janet, and he got so guilty. Janet came back but had all her knowledge erased. Eleanor gets guilty about Chidi’s feelings, so she finally confesses that she’s in an excellent place by mistake.


Michael looked at ElEleanor’sile and was able to decide that she belonged at the wrong place. When the train from the horrible place came to pick her up, Chidi talked to Michael and convinced him that Eleanor should stay because she was improving. Trevor from the appalling site agreed to let Eleanor remain at a good place, but they had to keep the other Eleanor (the honest lawyer).


Michael negotiated with Trevor from the wrong place, and it took him quite some time to stand up for himself, but in the end, the people from the wrong place went away, and Eleanor got to stay. When the people from the wrong place had a party at TaTahani’souse, she noticed that Jason knew how to tap a keg. She discovered what his meditation den really looked like.


They started looking for excuses/reasons for Eleanor to stay in a good place. Eleanor thought she loved Chidi, so she confessed. Tahani found out that Jason was fake, and she thought Chidi loved her. In the end, Jason ends up marrying Janet. Eleanor realized that she dodoesn’teally romantically love Chidi. Tahani also admitted that she only said those things because of finding out about Jason.


Eleanor tried to gain more points so she could be good enough to be in an excellent place. She had enough points when she decided to leave a good place along with Janet and Jason. They used ShShawn’sthe judge) train.

Michael found out that Jason is a fake (after finding out that Jason married Janet). JaJason’sause of death was due to being suffocated inside a safe while trying to rob a restaurant.


Eleanor, Janet, and Jason arrived at the medium place and met Mindy – but Shawn sent them a message. If Jason and Eleanor dodon’teturn, Chidi and Tahani will have to go to the wrong place. Jason and Eleanor returned, but they were late. Since they missed the deadline, Shawn let them decide which of the four of them would go to the wrong place.


Eleanor, Jason, Tahani, and Chidi argued about who would be going to the wrong place, but Eleanor realized something. She realized that they were already in the wrong place and what they were going through was already torture. Everyone else in the community is just like Michael, and only four are genuine souls. Since they figured it out, Michael erased all their memories. Before their memories got erased, Eleanor left a note in JaJanet’south. After her memory got erased, it was a new start. ElEleanor’soulmate is a hot mailman. Janet approached her and gave her the message from her mouth – it says, ‘find ChChidi’he End of A Good Place, Season 1.

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