The Good Place Season 2 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 2 Summary


They started again, attempt no. 2. Michael’s plan is to make Eleanor drunk, but it wasn’t what happened. Eleanor didn’t get drunk, but Tahani did; she even pushed Eleanor and caused a fire. Eleanor found Chidi, and they talked – he knows the book where Eleanor’s note was written. Chidi, Jason, and Tahani gathered at Eleanor’s house – and Eleanor figured it out again. Michael once again reset their memories, and here goes attempt no. 3


There have been multiple attempts, around 600 of them. Even Jason tried figuring it out.  Michael is getting stressed. Vicky (previously the Lawyer Eleanor in season 1) threatens Michael to take over if he fails again. In the end, Michael asked to team up with Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani.


The four of them argued whether they should help Michael. They ended up teaming up with him. He didn’t erase their memories, and they are just pretending – and Vicky took over.


Michael joined Chidi’s class since he’s a part of their team. Michael took the information differently and had an existential crisis when he thought about death – he got okay the next day with Eleanor’s help. Meanwhile, Jason comforted Tahani, and they ended up sleeping together.


Michael’s having a hard time learning about ethics, and he ends up torturing Chidi by making him go through the examples he has given. Michael tried to provide them with gifts as an apology, but Chidi won’t buy them. There was an earthquake at the end, and Janet claims it was caused by her glitch.


The reason for the glitches is Janet’s lies. She has learned how to lie, and she started lying when she told Jason and Tahani that she was happy for them – Janet was once in love with Jason. Janet suggested that she’d be killed permanently to avoid glitches, but Michael doesn’t want to do that. After taking Eleanor’s advice, Janet created a rebound boyfriend.


Michael, Chidi, and Eleanor’s helped Janet get rid of the rebound boyfriend by trying to stop Tahani and Jason’s wedding. The wedding was destroyed, and Janet’s rebound boyfriend was discarded. Eleanor showed Chidi the video of them being intimate – but Chidi said he doesn’t have any feelings for Eleanor right now. Shawn (Michael’s boss) just arrived.


Shawn showed up because he heard Michael’s experiment was a success. Michael lied and pretended to torture the four humans. Michael sent some clues, and Eleanor figured it out – they trusted Michael. The other demons, including Shawn, ended up looking for the humans in the medium place, but all along, the humans were just hiding beneath the train.


The humans pressured Michael to make the mobile take them to a perfect place, but he later revealed that he never knew how to go to the good accurate site. The humans eventually forgave him and gave him a gift (a human starter pack). They all decided to take the risk and go to the real wrong place to talk to the judge.


The humans hang out in the museum along with the other demons. They used fake names, but they all got busted in the end. Michael arrived and led them to the portal – but there was one pin missing. Michael sacrificed his pin and gave it to Eleanor.


They talked to the judge, and she let the four of them go through tests. Only Eleanor passed, and she lied about giving so no one would feel bad about their failures. The judge announced that they were all going to the wrong place – but Janet and Michael arrived.


Michael suggested that the four of them are good in real life and just needed a little push – so he and the judge sent them back to earth. Eleanor didn’t die and realized from that day that it’s better to be good – she became suitable for 6months but went back to normal after that. Michael showed up and gave Eleanor some advice. Eleanor listened to Chidi’s lecture online and traveled to see him.

The End of The Good Place Season 2.

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