The Good Place Season 3 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 3 Summary


Michael kept going back on earth to make sure Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason met and helped each other. When they were already together to participate in Chidi’s study – another participant showed up – Trevor. He is a demon from the wrong place.


Since Trevor is trying to intervene, Michael and Janet also go to earth to ensure everything is going well. The judge discovered them and banned them from land, but Michael and Janet escaped to the world.


The four of them (they currently call themselves the brainy bunch) will come about to go their separate ways. Tahani is about to get married, and the study is almost done. Eleanor felt terrible about its ending. Janet and Michael are finding ways to make sure they stay together in Australia. Michael plans on resetting the timeline on earth, but while they were on their way to the afterlife, the brainy bunch saw them.


The four of them didn’t believe Michael, so they tried carrying on with their lives, but what Michael said affected them. Tahani and Jason ended up marrying so that she could give him half her money. Eleanor did something good and felt great and gathered everyone – the six of them agreed to do good for the sake of everyone else.


They started with their mission. They helped Pillboi (a friend of Jason’s) to stop committing crimes. Chidi broke up with Simone (which he had a hard time doing). Michael and Janet revealed that Eleanor’s mom is still alive; she just faked her own death.


Tahani and her sister Kamila apologized to each other and solved their rift. Eleanor found her mom, who’s living a suburban life, and somehow seemed happy. Eleanor eventually became delighted for her and forgave her for faking her own death. Michael told Eleanor that she fell in love with Chidi on one of the reboots.


Eleanor kept insisting that she fell in love with Chidi before because Michael made him too. After a couple of arguments and being poured an iced tea, she finally accepted the fact that she’s capable of love. Meanwhile, Shawn and the other demons have created a door to earth.


Michael and Janet met with Doug, the blueprint to living a good life, but they realized Doug wasn’t doing it correctly.

The demons showed up through the door that they created and fought with the six of them. They defeated the first batch but more came, so Janet decided to take them to her void.


While the four of them stayed in Janet’s void, Michael found out that no one had been in the excellent place for 500 years (he thinks the horrible place hacked the points system). When the four humans could no longer stay in Janet’s void, they showed up in the Accounting office, passed a portal, then ended up in the real Good Place.


They ended up in a good place but could not really enter. Michael raised his concern about the pointing system, but the committees are so into the process that it may take hundreds of years to take action. Michael realized that the world has become so complicated that it’s more challenging to go to a good place. They are now on their way to the IHOP after Michael’s realization


Michael talked to the judge and, to prove his point, suggested that the judge goes to earth. The judge saw the world and how terrible it was – she agreed on doing another experiment. Michael will design another experiment and place it in the medium place.

Michael was kind of bothered that Shawn transformed someone that looked like him.


Michael suddenly felt like he couldn’t do it all over again, so Eleanor welcomed the first two residents. The first resident is John, a blogger who used to post gossip about Tahani. The second resident is Simone, Chidi’s ex-girlfriend. Chidi felt like he would ruin the experiment because he can’t lie – so he asked to be rebooted. They rebooted him, and he will just be like the other new residents.

The End of The Good Place Season 3. According to, Season 4 will be available on Netflix on August 25, 2020

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