Locke and Key Season 1 (Summary)

Locke & Key Season 1 Summary


After the death of his husband, Nina Locke moved her family (Locke siblings – Bode, Kinsey & Tyler) to Matheson, where the Key House is. The critical house is enormous – it is where Nina’s husband, Rendell Locke, lived.

On their first night, the youngest child Bode discovered the well and the girl in it, the healthy lady. Bode revisited her, and she told him that the house was filled with Keys that contained magical powers.

The first Key he found was they that can take you anywhere – he got it from his sister Kinsey’s bracelet.

The second Key he found was from the sink. According to the healthy lady, it will let them see dead people. Bode wanted to use it to see his dad. However, when he used it, his mom went into the mirror and got trapped. Bode asked for help from the healthy lady – but she ended up taking the Anywhere key. After taking the Key, she was already gone.

After Nina’got out of the mirror, she forgot about what happened inside the mirror.

Rendell Locke was killed by Sam Lesser, who wanted to know more about the Key house. The last scene shows the healthy lady visiting Sam in prison.



Nina talked to one of Rendell’s friends, Ellie Whedon, and she asked about a tragedy that they went through – she wondered why Rendell never mentioned it. Ellie simply said that 3 of their friends drowned, and it was traumatic for all of them. However, when Nina asked Rendell’s brother, Duncan Locke, he said he didn’t remember it well.

While Kinsey and Tyler went to school, Bode stayed at home and found one more Key. He also met a kid outside the house named Rufus Whedon, and Bode got a man trap as a weapon against the healthy lady.

Bode couldn’t figure out what the Key does, but he discovered a keyhole on his nape.

The good lady visited him that night to give him a teddy bear. She saw the Key and attempted to get it – but she failed because of the mantrap.

Bode finally tried the Key on his own nape – and he froze – like a robot that was turned off. There was another Bode that was produced. Tyler and Kinsey soon found the frozen Bode and the other Bode who was playing.



Kinsey held on to the Head Key so Bode would no longer play with it. She decided to try it with Tyler – she met the fear inside her head. It was a monster that looked like her and tried to hurt Tyler.

Bode found the 4th Key in a painting (Bode usually hears whispers that lead him to the Key.) The 4th Key gave Bode the ability to become a ghost. She flew around and then met Chamberlain Locke, his great great grandfather. Chamberlain told Bode that Rendell used to have fun with the keys too. While on his way to go back, Bode saw Ellie, Rendell’s old friend. She went into the perfect house and called out the name ‘Lucas‘ but got no response.

Kinsey went back to her head and took out the monster that was her fear. The good lady hid and watched her.



Kinsey was feeling better the next day after taking her fear monster out. Because of what she did, Tyler tried something with the head key. She threw a book inside and was able to know all the details inside the book. He’s gonna use it to impress a girl named Jackie Veda.

Bode asked Rufus (Ellie’s son) who Lucas is – he told him that Lucas Caravaggio is Ellie’s, first love.

Kinsey showed Scot Cavendish how the head key works and invited him inside her head. Scot was able to appreciate the magic.

The good lady has come back, and she is after the head key. She couldn’t get it this time, but she promised Bode that she’d be back. From the Key house, she visited Sam and gave him a second chance by giving him a key.



Tyler and Kinsey started hearing the whispers from the Key – they were able to find the 5th Key, which fits in a music box. Whoever uses it gets to control anyone. They tried it to Eden Hawkins. Kinsey, Scot, and Gabe (also new in town) made Eden embarrass herself.

Bode tried telling Duncan about the keys, but it seemed like he didn’t remember. Meanwhile, Tyler and Kinsey found the 6th Key, which showed them Duncan’s memories trapped in a jar. One of the jars shows how three of Rendell’s friends get hurt by Rendell himself. Those 3 friends were thought to have drowned. It was the drowning tragedy that the town knew.

Nina thinks Ellie is lying. First, she found Ellie at the Key house while she wasn’t home. Second, Ellie has a scar similar to Randell’s. She said it was from riding a bike.

Joe Ridgeway, an English teacher who used to teach Rendell and is now teaching Tyler, called Nina and told her she had found something. When Nina came over, Joe was already dead with a plastic bag over his head. Nina wasn’t able to catch Ellie, who could hide just in time when she arrived.



During Joe’s funeral, Ellie explained the scar to Nina. They did it to themselves – to honor their friends who died from the tragedy.

Bode found the 7th Key from a sewing room. He also found the cabinet with a lock that looked similar to the Key – but nothing happened when he tried it and went inside the cabinet.

Kinsey and Scot, along with the Savini Squad (who are creating a film), decided to go to the sea cave to shoot a scene for their movie. While inside, the tide had gone up, and they struggled to get out. They were able to get out but sadly left their equipment inside. Scot blamed Kinsey since she was the one who convinced them. Kinsey was curious about the sea cave, and while she was there, she found a massive door that she couldn’t open.

Sam has escaped prison with the help of his Key – the Key creates fire and cuts through steel. He then went inside the Key House.

The good lady hangs out with Tyler. He doesn’t know that he’s with the good lady since he finds her attractive. The only thing he knew about her was her name – which is Dodge.



As per Dodge’s order, Sam went inside the Key House with a gun, and he’s looking for the head key.

After hooking up with Dodge, Tyler noticed the everywhere Key and took it from her; however, when he got back to the Key House, Sam was already holding Nina, Kinsey, and Bode hostage.

Kinsey lied about where the Head Key is – she ended up releasing her fear monster to get away from Sam.

Sam could get the head key from Tyler Kinsey hid it in the stuffed toy when Sam arrived. Dodge suddenly came and asked Sam to hand her the Key – since she couldn’t take the keys.

Before giving Dodge the head key, Sam asked if she thought he was special. It’s the only thing Sam was holding on to since he previously felt betrayed by Rendell and Tyler. As an answer, Dodge stabbed Sam and took all the keys. She realized she couldn’t take keys from the Lockes, but she could take them from everyone else.

When the police arrived – Sam was already dead, not from being stabbed but because he used the door where the ghost key is.



Nina started drinking again and also started retaining information about the keys while drunk. She discovered the purpose of the 7th Key that Bode previously found  – it fixes damaged things.

Dodge is after the Omega Key, which is the key to the black door in the sea cave. Tyler and Kinsey visited it and found the names of all Rendell’s friends – there were 7 of them, and they call themselves the keepers of the Key. The 7 Keepers of the Key – Jeff, Kim, Mark, Lucas, Rendell, Erin, Ellie

Dodge thinks the answer to where the omega key is is in Erin Voss’s head. She went inside her head and discovered that Rendell hid it in his own head. After Dodge left, Kinsey arrived and met Erin to warn her about Dodge, but she was too late. Instead, Erin was able to point at Lucas’s photo and tell Kinsey that it was Dodge.

Lucas (who still looks young) is living with Ellie and Rufus. He has the Key that could change the appearance – he uses it while he pretends to be Dodge.

After Nina broke the urn that contained Rendell’s ashes, Tyler found the 8th Key – the Omega Key.



Kinsey has convinced Ellie to tell them the truth. After all, Ellie wasn’t the villain, but she was helping the villain who is Lucas, usually disguised as Dodge.

Ellie was afraid of Lucas since he killed Joe (after seeing the two of them together). Ellie tried to kill Lucas, but since he is only an Echo, he didn’t die.

Ellie showed Kinsey and Tyler her memories by inviting them inside her head:

Ellie and Rendell’s 3 friends didn’t die from drowning – 2 of them died because of Lucas. Then Lucas died because Rendell killed him. They threw their bodies in the ocean to make it look like they drowned. After that, they divided the Key and made a promise not to use it. Ellie kept the identity and echo Key. Their other friend, Mark, kept the other keys, but when he heard that Rendell died, he also killed himself. He’s afraid someone might get inside his head.

Before Lucas died, they discovered the black door in the sea cave. When they opened it, Lucas got hit by something and acted like he was possessed by a demon.

1 year ago, Ellie really missed Lucas, so she used the echo key to the perfect house. It can bring back someone from the dead as an echo. Lucas was brought back, but he was different – not the Lucas that Ellie used to be with. Lucas got the identity key from Ellie and got the chance to escape when he got the anywhere key from Bode.

To stop Lucas, he needs to be sent back and trapped in the perfect house. The crown and its critical needs to be used. However, when Ellie was about to get the height, Lucas was there, and he ended up wearing the crown with the Key in it.



After wearing the crown, Dodge produced shadows. She went to the Key House and looked for the Omega Key. She wasn’t able to get it – Bode has stabbed her and fell unconscious. With the help of Tyler and Kinsey’s friends (Jackie, Eden, Scot & Gabe), they took Dodge’s body to the sea cave. They opened the black door and threw Dodge outside the black door.

Bode went to check on Rufus. He called the police for him. Rufus is safe and will be living in Nebraska since Ellie went missing.

Nina announced that they could now sell the Key House and buy their own home in Seattle, but the Locke siblings told her that they no longer want to move since they have grown to like the Key House.

Everything’s back to normal since Dodge is gone – but the truth is, he is still around.

Dodge is pretending to be Gabe, and the body they threw out of the black door was really Ellie. Also, when they opened the black door – Eden was slightly hit by something that was like a bullet (the same thing that hit Lucas/Dodge 25 years ago)


The end of Locke & Key Season 1. According to this website, Season 2 is scheduled to end filming on February 5, 2021.

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