Hi Bye Mama (Full Summary)

Hi Bye Mama Full Summary


Cha Yu Ri has been dead for 5 years, but she stayed by her daughter’s side to watch her. (She died after getting hit by a car). Her husband, Jo Kang Hwa, whom she married at age 28, has remarried. Yu Ri was contented with just looking after her daughter, Seo Woo, but then she discovered that Seo Woo could see her. Seo Woo was even sent to the hospital because she fainted after ending up in a freezer while playing with a ghost. Yu Ri got worried about Seo Woo since she could see ghosts – she cried and cried, and it rained hard. The next day while looking at her daughter, something strange happened – Kang Hwa caught her eye and stared at her for a long time. The snow melted on her shoulder, and someone just bumped into her…


Yu Ri confirmed that she has become human again. She first thought of it as a reward but then realized that this was a punishment for questioning the deity. She tried as much as possible not to be seen by the people she knew – but since her husband Kang Hwa caught a glimpse of her, he has been distracted. Kang Hwa really went through a lot after Yu Ri died – he even tried killing himself. And for years, he hasn’t been able to do any surgery.

While Yu Ri was visiting Seo Woo in the daycare, she was mistaken as Seo Woo’pick-up up help, so she was allowed to take her home. On their way home, Seo Woo played on the swing and got injured. Yu Ri was hugginSEOeo woo and was crying when Kang Hwa, looking for Seo Woo, arrived and saw her.



Yu Ri wasn’t sure how to explain it to Kang Hwa – so she told him that she sort of got a vacation for being a good ghost. Kang Hwa has let her stay in a hotel and gave her his credit card. Yu Ri bought a lot of food and drank beer. The next day, she went to the daycare to talk to the ghost kid playing with Seo Woo, but she couldn’t speak to the kid. Yu Ri played with Seo Woo – but then .. Kang Hwa’s present wife, Oh Min Jung, arrived and was surprised to see Yu Ri.



Yu Ri died while still pregnant. The doctors could save the baby – and Yu Ri caught a glimpse of Seo Woo before dying.

Yu Ri has asked for a talisman to give the ghost kid who kept playing with Seo Woo, but it didn’t work. She realized that the kid was actually only waiting for his mom to pick him up from daycare. They called the kid’s mom to return his photo, and Seo Woo handed her the kid’s toy. When the mom left, the ghost kid followed.d

While on the way out of the daycare, Yu Ri came across her best friend, Go Hyun Jung. Hyun Jung’s husband, Gye Geun Sang, who also happens to be Kang Hwa’s best friend, reviewed their restaurant’s CCTV and saw Yu Ri in the video.o



Min Jung and Kang Hwa met in med school. Coincidentally, Min Jung was one of the staff on duty when Yu Ri died and gave birth.

Hyun Jung and Geun Sang already know that Yu Ri has come back to life. They welcomed her back gratefully.

During a parent participation event, Min Jung had a better look at Yu Ri.

Yu Ri is already working in the kindergarten as a kitchen assistant. Since Min Jung saw Yu Ri in photos, she got suspicious when she saw her. After looking at Yu Ri during the event, Min Jung pulled up an old photo of Yu Ri and Kang Hwa. Min Jung went to Hyun Jung’s bar – and Yu Ri was also there.



The next day, Yu Ri, Hyun Jung, and Min Jung all woke up with band-aids on their faces. Min Jung could barely remember what had happened. She ran around the road thinking the money was leaves while Yu Ri and Hyun Jung ran after her. Min Jung ended up bumping on Yu Ri and Hyun Jung while she ran around drunk.

The other ghosts got angry at the Shaman for not being human-like Yu Ri – and Yu Ri ended up agreeing to grant one favor for each of them.

Kang Hwa was called upon by the disciplinary committee for not being able to do surgeries for four years. His superior, Dr. Jang, was on his side since he knew how painful it was for Kang Hwa to witness Yu Ri’s death in the operating room.



Min Jung remembered what she did when she got drunk and apologized to Yu Ri. The two of them talked – Yu Ri applied as a pickup helper for Seo Woo. They could also speak when they shared an umbrella – but Min Jung has still had no idea that the woman she’s talking to is really Yu Ri.

Hyun Jung heard a rumor that Min Jung is planning to divorce Kang Hwa – and Yu Ri thinks it should not be done, considering that she will only be around for 49 days.

Yu Ri has started helping ghosts – the first one she helped is a family who died together but left the youngest member alone. Yu Ri cleaned his apartment and cooked for him – but ended up injured because he was surprised to find Yu Ri in the closet.



Yu Ri helped another ghost – Mr. Kim. He is the father of a teacher in kindergarten, and she’s about to get married. The teacher is sad because Mr. Kim could not enjoy the wedding – so Mr. Kim asked Yu Ri to write a letter for her.

Yu Ri and Mi Dong, the Shaman, were talking, and Hyun Jung heard what they talked about – Hyun Jung discovered that Yu Ri would be gone after 49 days if she could not take her place. Hyun Jung believed that Yu Ri should definitely stay and take her home, but it wasn’t what Yu Ri wanted. Yu Rionly wants to make sure Seo Woo is okay and no longer seeing ghosts – and she will be happy to go up.

While Yu Ri is crying in Hyun Jung’s arms, her mother passes by and sees her.



Yu Ri’s mom fainted and got sent to the hospital. When Yu Ri’s father and sister arrived, they saw her too. The four of them bonded that night.

Yu Ri spends the next day as Seo Woo’s pick-up helper. Aside from bonding with Seo Woo, she also plans to get rid of the ghosts lingering in Seo Woo‘s house. However, Seo Woo takes a lot of classes. Yu Ri was able to enter their house since Min Jung invited her over. Kang Hwa arrived from work and was shocked to see Min Jung and Yu Ri together. He just hid in his study until Yu Ri left.



Yu Ri spends most of the time with Seo Woo. When Seo Woo doesn’t have to go to daycare, Yu Ribabysitss her at home.

Yu Ri and Min Jung drank together along with Hyun Jung. It was Min Jung’s way of thanking Yu Ri for the side dishes that she left at their house (the side dishes were cooked by Yu Ri’s mom)

While working, Yu Ri was asked to buy salt at the market. On her way to the market, she saw an overspeeding motorcycle and a woman about to get hit – Yu Ri immediately ran towards the old woman to save he.r



Yu Ri was not harmed from the motorcycle accident – she was the one who made sure that the old woman would be prioritized by the doctor (she was able to know that the woman was dying because she saw her soul)

The other parents from the kindergarten were talking about Min Jung and Hyun Jung. They spread rumors that Min Jung is about to divorce Kang Hwa. Yu Ri. Min Jung and Hyun Jung were so angry that they fought with those mothers who spread the rumor. After that, they happily ate and drank.

While the ladies drank, Kang Hwa looked after Seo Woo. They were playing with stickers when Seo Woo suddenly added a sticker to their family photo and said it was ‘Cha Yu Ri.’ Kang Hwa was stunned since he didn’t know where Seo Woo had heard of that name. The truth was, Seo Woo heard it from the ghosts that used to call Yu Ri.



Yu Ri explained to Hyun Jung that she has no plans to take her life back and take Seo Woo from Min Jung – she is aware how Seo Woo loves Min Jung. She just wants Seo Woo to stop seeing ghosts.

Seo Woo spent the entire day with Yu Ri’s family. Kang Hwa lied to Min Jung about this. While Kang Hwa and Seo Woo are on their way home, an exorcist is called Seo Woo. The exorcist arrived because she had heard of the temple that Mi Dong looks after – for ten years, mi dong has only sent 2 people. The exorcist plans to send them all up.

The exorcist is also after Yu Ri and Seo Woo. When Kang Hwa asked who the exorcist was, he told him Yu Ri’s friend. The exorcist also revealed that Yu Ri has been following him around as a ghost for five whole years. Kang Hwa and Yu Ri talked and cried – Kang Hwa thought of how painful it must be for Yu Ri to see him fall for Min Jung.



There were rumors that Kang Hwa and the kitchen assistant (Yu Ri) were having an affair. Someone told Min Jung about it, but she simply dismissed it. The rumors were because Yu Ri and Kang Hwa were seen crying together in the park.

While looking after Seo Woo, Yu Ri allowed her father to play with the kid. When she went to buy drinks, her father has lost Seo Woo. They looked for her until evening and found her hiding in the playground. It turns out she was wandering alone when the exorcist saw her. Just in time, the family of ghosts saw them and saved Seo Woo. They were that family who left one son behind, and Yu Ri could help their son for a day. They hid Seo Woo, but they got caught by the exorcist.

Min Jung was in shock about almost losing Seo Woo. She got angry at Yu Ri and asked her to leave. Min Jung blamed herself for not being a better mom. Then Kang Hwa revealed that the pickup helper is really Yu Ri, who came back to life.



Min Jung didn’t believe Kang Hwa about Yu Ri coming back to life – but she was bothered by it. To confirm, she went to Yu Ri’s family’s house and saw her there. She confirmed that it really is Yu Ri. She cried in front of Kang Hw.a

Kang Hwa’s superior, Dr. Jang, asked him to observe the operation. He is helping Kang Hwa since he is being treated for not being scared of operating rooms. During the surgery, he ran out and hid on the stairs. Yu Ri followed him – no one else could find him, but Yu Ri did since she has seen him in this situation as a ghost. The both of them hugged each other and cried.

Kang Hwa blames himself for Yu Ri‘s death. When Yu Ri was brought to the hospital after the accident, Kang Hwa has asked to lock the operating rooms and turn off the intercoms (he did this because he refused to prioritize a VIP patient). By the time the operation was done, he was informed that Yu Ri was already dead. Dr. Jang did the process – he saved the baby first as per Yu Ri’s request.

While Hyun Jung and her husband were talking, Kang Hwa overheard that Yu Ri would die again.



Kang Hwa told Yu Ri that she could live. His priority is making sure that Yu Ri doesn’t die again.

Min Jung and Kang Hwa talked – and Kang Hwa just kept on apologizing. It was difficult for her, but she told Kang Hwa to leave him since Yu Ri was already back. Kang Hwa didn’t protest.

The next day, Kang Hwa, Yu Ri, and Seo Woo went to an amusement park. For Kang Hwa, this was the start of the three of them being a family again, but Yu Ri clarified that she didn’t plan to take her place back. Yu Ri talked to the Shaman about this. If she stays in this world, Seo Woo will see ghosts for the rest of her life.

The Shaman was praying hard because she wanted to know why only Yu Ri came back to life – and then she found a wish In the temple written by Yu Ri’s mother, saying that she wanted to see Yu Ri again.



Yu Ri was informed by the Shaman that it was really her mother’s wish that brought her back to life. Yu Ri has decided that she would leave since there is no other way -she doesn’t want Seo Woo to see ghosts for the rest of her life.

Yu Ri also explained everything to Min Jug since Min Jung has decided to leave Kang Hwa when she found out Yu Ri had come back.

Yu Ri started saying goodbye and did the following things before leaving: Keep a promise to friends (she treated her ghost friends to dinner), Return Favors (she invited the ghost family’s son to feed), Enjoy every day like other moms (she bonded with Hyun Jung, her son and Seo Woo), She said goodbye to her family and close friends, including Kang Hwa. She had the chance to sincerely talk to Kang Hwa and asked him to smile every time he thought of her.

Yu also received a letter from Min Jung, telling her that she’s grateful for being Seo Woo’s mom and for being a good friend.

It was finally time for Yu Ri to be sent up – the Shaman sent her off.

The last scene shows a teenage Seo Wo, holding a book containing a photo of her, Kang H, and Yu Ri. She was interrupted when she was called by her mom and dad – Kang Hwa and Min Jung.


The end of Hi Bye Mama Korean Drama.

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