Crash Landing on You (Full Summary)

Crash Landing on You Full Summary


Yoon Seri, fashion business owner and soon-to-be CEO of her family’s company, went paragliding and ended up in North Korea after a tornado. She was found by Captain Ri Jung Hyuk, and he told her that she needed to be interrogated. Seri ran as fast as she can hoping she’d end up back in South Korea – but she ended up in the town where Captain Ri lives.


Captain Ri allowed Seri to stay at his house and let his comrades take care of her. Surrendering Seri to the government will complicate things because some weren’t correctly working while catching Seri.

It was revealed that Captain Ri is the only son of the general director. When Seri was caught during a house interrogation, Captain Ri claimed her fiance from South Korea.


Seri thought that she’d finally be able to go back to South Korea. She said goodbyes, but when she was already on the boat with Captain Ri, there was suddenly an inspection. To get out of the situation, the two of them kissed. The inspector asked them to go back home.


Jo Cheol Kang, Captain Ri’s superior, found out that Seri is not from division 11 in South Korea. Seo Dan, Captain Ri’s fiance, went to see Captain Ri and was shocked to see him with Seri. He simply told her that they were on a mission together.


While Seri had her photo taken in Pyongyang, Gu Seon-Joon saw her. Joon is hiding in North Korea because he scammed Seri’s second older brother. Captain Ri and Seo Dan’s wedding date has been set.


This is Seri’s second attempt to escape, but someone followed them and shot them on their way to the airport. Captain Ri was shot, and she took him to the hospital and missed the flight.


Cheol Kang found Captain Ri in the hospital. Captain Ri’s father also arrived. Afraid to cause Captain Ri more trouble, Seri asked for help from Joon. Meanwhile, Seo Dan found out that Seri was from South Korea.


Joon let Seri stay with him and suggested that they marry so she could get a passport and go back. Captain Ri took Seri from Joon even though he is still not fully recovered. Seri bought a gift for Captain Ri (a watch from the pawnshop, which was previously owned by Captain Ri’s later brother). However, the facility wasn’t given because Seri was captured.


It was Captain Ri’s parents who took Seri. After being detained, Captain Ri went to his parent’s house to get Seri. Captain Ri planned to send Seri back by taking her to the South Korean border by dawn – this was successful.


Seri went back to South Korea and took over her business. Captain Ri sent Cheol Kang to prison based on the report from his late brother. However, Cheol Kang escaped and threatened to go after Seri. Captain Ri went to the South. Captain Ri’s father sent the captain’s trusted comrades to the South to bring him back to the North.


Seri helped Captain Ri get settled in South Korea. She introduced him as her bodyguard. Cheol Kang attempted to kill Seri but failed. Seo Dan lets Joon stay at her place since he is now being chased.


Captain Ri’s comrades (5 of them) finally found him and Seri.


Captain Ri and his comrades were already supposed to go back to the North, but they needed to meet with Cheol Kang. Seri got shot as she saved Captain Ri. Cheol Kang was also shot but is still alive.


Seri woke up. The shooting was being investigated, and it was revealed that Captain Ri was from the North.


Captain Ri and his comrades were captured and were asked to testify. Cheol Kang died. Captain Ri was ready to blame; he told the authorities that he had come to the South to kidnap Seri and use her money. Seri ended up in the ICU due to stress.


Joon died, Seri woke up. Captain Ri and his comrades were able to go back to the North. Before leaving, he set up scheduled messages for Seri. He was later on discharged from his position and became a pianist. Seri and Captain Ri met again in Switzerland when Seri tried paragliding. Captain Ri and Seri now regularly meet in Switzerland.

 The end of Crash Landing on You Korean Drama.

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