The Politician Season 1 (Summary)

The Politician Season 1 Summary


Payton Hobart is running as a school’s president, and his opponent, River Barkley, looks like he’s winning the race. Payton went to River’s house and confronted him – then River shot himself as Payton watched.

It was revealed that 18 months earlier, River was Payton‘s Mandarin tutor, and the two of them connected emotionally.

After the river’s death, his girlfriend Astrid Sloan announced that she would be running as a substitute for the river.

Payton was frustrated to only be wait-listed for Harvard. His girlfriend, Alice Charles, was able to get in.

To help win against Astrid, Payton recruited a vice president that would capture the hearts of the voters. He recruited Infinity Jackson, who has cancer. But while infinity was giving a speech, someone told Payton that Infinity was only faking her illness.


Georgina Hobart (Payton’s mom) revealed to his husband, Keaton Hobart, that she sees a woman. Keaton jumped off the roof and was in a coma.

While he’s in a coma, his real sons attempted to kill him to get everything – they want to make sure Georgina and Payton won’t get anything. Since Payton is only adopted, the brothers ask him to move out. Before being able to murder Keaton, he woke up – he was pretending to be in a coma after Payton told him about how they were behaving. Keaton amended his will to give everything to Payton, and he cut off his real sons. Georgina also agreed to stop seeing the woman she was in love with.

Payton and his advisers sent Infinity’s blood for testing and found that she had zero cancer cells.


Payton was able to get into Harvard, and she went to Alice’s house to tell her – but then she saw James Sullivan and her kissing. (James is one of his campaign advisers, Alice is her girlfriend) . Payton didn’t hold a grudge on this and continued with the campaign. He remained friends with James and ended up fixing his relationship with Alice (after admitting that he couldn’t stop thinking of River.)

Payton was leading the polls, but then a video of Infinity was released where she called a gay reporter buttmunch. Infinity’s boyfriend, Ricardo, gave the tape to Astrid because he’s sick of seeing Infinity being used for the campaign.

While Astrid was celebrating being the leading candidate, Ricardo came into her room, heartbroken because Infinity would no longer talk to him. When Astrid’s parents arrived, her room was a mess, and she was missing.


Astrid wasn’t really kidnapped – she’s just in New York trying to get away from her everyday life. She eventually came back and apologized for disappearing.

While Astrid was gone, Payton was questioned by the police. Payton also let go of Infinity as his VP and told her that her blood test result says she’s healthy. So Payton is still looking for a VP, and the election is already tomorrow.

Skye Leighton is Astrid’s VP, and she’s frustrated about how Astrid is handling the campaign. Skye offered Payton that she could be his VP, but he still needed to think about it.

McAfee Westbrook (Payton’s campaign manager) assured Skye that she would help her – it turns out the two of them are in a relationship


Elliot Beacham is an undecided voter and is also not interested. During the final debate, Astrid’s new VP, Pierre Toussaint, suddenly promised to bring Drake to school for prom. That got him attention.

Also, Infinity arrived, telling everyone that Payton used her for her cancer, and Astrid slept with Ricardo.

In the end, no matter how many campaign managers tried to convince Elliot, he still didn’t vote. He thinks his vote won’t make any difference.


Astrid revealed to Payton that she withdrew from the election – which means the vote would no longer be counted. Payton is automatically the school’s president, but he wasn’t able to feel the victory. One of the admins even told him they counted the votes, and Astrid won by two votes.

Payton has become sick. First, he ate a cupcake baked by Skye and handed by McAfee to him. He got poisoned, and McAfee has no idea about this – it became the end of her relationship with Skye.

Second, Payton was shot with a BB gun by Ricardo. Infinity’s grandma, after being left alone, lured Ricardo into hurting Payton. She initially asked for Payton to be shot by a real gun, but Ricardo got a BB gun instead, hoping Payton would get sepsis.

Payton fainted, and Georgina could not leave – she was planning to go with her lover, Brigitte.


Ricardo admitted to Infinity that she soaked the BB bullet into some chemical for Payton to get sepsis. Payton got sick but later on recovered.

Infinity’s grandma got arrested for what she did to her own daughter and to her granddaughter. Before being arrested, she told the police to go after Payton since he also knew. The principal asked for Payton’s resignation the next day.

Skye was arrested for attempting to poison PaytonMcAfee went through her trash to check the chemicals. Astrid’s dad also got arrested – she was the one who called the FBI. Astrid will be going to New York.

Georgina left town and Payton after she was cut off from her husband’s will.


Payton has become an alcoholic while everyone gets on with their lives. When he received a wedding invitation from Alice, he traveled to see her and convinced her not to marry her fiance, but she had already decided.

When Payton got back, McAfee and James proposed running for state senator (against Dede Standish). Payton no longer believes in himself and thinks he shouldn’t do it – so James called Skye, Astrid, and Alice (who ran away from her wedding). Astrid revealed that she saw in her two eyes – senator Dede Standish is in a 3-way relationship.

Payton agreed to be a candidate again. He started a campaign, and Dede Standish is unsure if she should be worried.

The End of The Politician Season 1. According to this website, The Politician Season 2 will be available on Netflix in June 2020.

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