Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 (Summary)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Summary


Sheila and Joel Hammond are realtors. While showing a home, Sheila suddenly threw up a lot. When she got home, she could no longer feel her heartbeat. They asked their neighbor’s son, Eric Bemis – he told them to make sure Sheila never gets hungry.

Sheila met a new realtor named Gary West, who obviously fancied her. Gary tried to have sex with her, but she ended up killing and eating him.


Sheila and Joel buried the remains of Gary’s body since Sheila couldn’t consume it all. Their daughter, Abby Hammond, followed them along with Eric.

Sheila and Joel used Gary’s keys and packed his things to look like he had left town.

Joel tried getting help from a doctor because Sheila might have a virus – but they didn’t believe him.

Sheila could no longer eat meat, maybe after tasting Gary’s flesh. She tried getting a body from the morgue. She got a foot – and she also couldn’t eat it because of the chemicals.


Since Sheila really needed fresh meat, they looked for someone to kill. They met a drug dealer whom Joel ended up liking and has let him go.

On their way home, Joel bumped into a car, and the driver got angry – Sheila ended up having him for dinner. She saved the other parts in a freezer.


Abby was skipping school, so Joel and Sheila got called by the principal. Sheila ended up threatening Principal Andrei Novak, who ran away from her – but it turns out he is Serbian, and his grandmother speaks Serbian. They need someone to understand Serbian to figure out what’s going on with Sheila.

Their neighbor, Dan Palmer, sprayed on Joel and Sheila’s lawn to get rid of the ants – he ended up finding a finger (which belonged to Gary).


Since Dan is a cop, he ran a fingerprint scan and confirmed that its Gary’s. Dan thinks that Joel killed Gary because Sheila and Gary are having an affair. But instead of arresting Joel, Dan asked him a favor -and it is to kill a criminal (named Loki Hayes) who kept going out of jail. They weren’t able to kill him; Sheila only bit him since he was too strong.

After being bitten, Loki vomited a lot, just like how Sheila did in the beginning.


After telling Dan that Loki is dead, he gets another person he wants Joel to kill.

Shiela’s pen was left at Loki’s apartment, and it has their names on it. So Joel went to Loki’s apartment to get the cell, and Sheila would be the one killing the man (a sex trafficker) that Dan wants dead.

Joel got the pen but was robbed by Loki’s friends. Sheila wasn’t able to kill the man because, it turns out, he wasn’t a sex trafficker but an Oncologist who is Lisa’s boyfriend. Lisa Palmer is Dan’s wife.

Joel told Dan that he was no longer gonna make the killings, but Dan was good at blaming Joel. Joel ended up hitting Dan with a shovel.


Joel has killed Dan. They hid him in their bathtub, but they had to get rid of him immediately because dogs would be coming the next day. They couldn’t transport the body to the storage because police were outside.

Sheila tried eating the body overnight but couldn’t finish him. They decided to go to the beach along with Dan’s half body.

The police found something in Dan’s garage – drugs, money, and Gary’s finger.

While taking a bath, Sheila found a toe in the tub, and it turned out to be hers.


Sheila and Joel found Loki – but instead of killing people, they found him singing. He even released an album. As for food, his previous friends just gives him corpses (since he once belonged in a gang)

Loki thought that he and Sheila should be together since they had a lot in common. He wants to kill Joel. Loki went to their house and tried to kill Joel but failed. They killed him by using a hairbrush.

Sheila finally showed Joel her feet with a toe missing. Sheila is just worried that she might be deteriorating – her eyeball also fell off.


Joel looked for a cure for Sheila. He went to an event with Eric, but the guy named Anton turned out to be a fraud. While talking to Anton, another guy heard him and gave him a card for Dr. Cora Wolf, who knows about what’s going on with Sheila.


Dr. Cora Wolf arrived and stayed at Joel and Sheila’s house. She has the book that has the cure, but the problem is the ingredients. One of the ingredients is the bile of a Serbian woman.

They drank with Principal Novak’s grandmother to make her throw up, but they didn’t get any bile. Joel was arrested before she could throw up.

Dr. Cora Wolf decides to leave and leaves the book to Abby. Shiela has asked Abby to tie her up in the basement.

The End of Santa Clarita Diet Season 1.

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