Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 (Summary)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Summary


Joel is trapped in an asylum while Sheila is chained in the basement. Abby and Eric are in charge. They are still looking for bile from someone Serbian. Abby got it from someone on the internet (who got eaten by Sheila because he followed Abby home). Joel also got bitterness from the morgue.

The cure they are creating isn’t really a cure. Sheila will stay the same; the only thing it does is it won’t make her worse.

Eric got a call from Ramona, the girl from the grocery who keeps on assisting them. It turns out she eats human flesh too.


Sheila and Joel continued working. They could get one listing, so they were given the project supposed to be Gary’s. It turns out the location is where they buried Gary.

So they dug again to get the body, and while Sheila and Joel were talking, Gary’s head suddenly joined the conversation.


They took Gary’s head and fulfilled his last request. Gary wanted to give his property to his niece, Kayla. When Sheila and Joel gave the docs to Kayla, she complained that she no longer had a car because it was with her ex-boyfriend. Sheila and Joel got the vehicle from her ex-boyfriend, who’s Nazi. Sheila plans to eat one of them one day.

Ramona from the grocery is undead, just like Sheila. She slept with Eric and had him inject her a serum. After getting the serum, she dumped Eric.


Sheila and Joel talked to Ramona to find out how she got the virus. They weren’t able to figure it out. They simply told Ramona to be careful in killing people because it might get obvious.

They found out from Ramona that the ball that Sheila threw up will have legs – since Ramona’s ball got legs. It looked like a spider.

Ramona decided to go to Seattle to find her own Joel (she wants someone to help her with the killing). While getting Ramona’s ball since she couldn’t bring it to Seattle, Joel found a receipt from Japopo’s. It turns out both Ramona and Sheila ate the Clam Soup on Friday before they got sick.


Sheila and Joel tried a new way to kill. They set up another storage room and covered it with plastic so it would be easier to clean. Sheila’s first two victims are some Nazj guys who they lured to buy memorabilia.


Joel looked for the 3rd customer who had the clams from Japopo’s. His name is Ed Thune. Joel went to his house and later confirmed that he had caught the same virus. Joel ended up killing him.

Sheila went to a meeting with her boss Carl Coby. She got frustrated and bit her own finger off.


Eric went to Japopo’s and tried to get the seafood supplier’s name. He found out that they have a regular supplier, but on that Friday when Sheila and Joel dined, they got the clams from ‘Ruby Clams’

Sheila went to a meeting with Carl, and she was so stressed she grabbed her stress ball and closed her eyes – when she woke up, she was at home, bloody, and she was holding a heart.


Sheila thought she had killed Carl, but they saw him the next day. Sheila was glad she didn’t kill Carl, but he fired her for not attending the meeting.

Sheila killed a Nazi whose body is still in their freezer. She couldn’t remember anything. She just saw herself in the CCTV, which she later deleted.

While in a blackout, Sheila talked to Lisa and Anne. Anne Garcia used to be Dan’s partner, is now dating Lisa. She convinced Anne to start painting and stop investigating the missing people in Santa Clarita – but Anne’s artwork was all about them. Plus, there’s a painting of Joel as a suspicious neighbor.


Joel went to Ruby’s Clams and found out that 5,000 of them were about to get shipped. Ruby got the clams somewhere in Serbia.

Joel and Sheila decided to burn it, but before having that chance, someone already blew up the place (there were two of them, and they are also after those who ate the clams)

Anne told Joel and Sheila that she plans on digging deeper into the missing people. She found a connection between Gary and the Nazis. There will be detectives coming to investigate soon.


To avoid getting caught, Joel and Sheila recorded a voicemail of Gary’s voice so Anne would think that both Gary and Dan were still alive. However, Anne still figured it out since Sheila’s bangle was caught in the recording.

While trying to kill Gary (as per his own request), Anne arrived. Sheila told her the truth, and since Anne is very religious, she believed that Sheila is God’s instrument (to kill the bad guys in the world).

The End of Santa Clarita Diet Season 2.

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