Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 (Summary)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Summary.


There was a note in Sheila and Joel’s house – a warning that the Serbian Knights are coming. They are unsure what it means, but they know it’s something to do with what Sheila is going through. 

Shiela’s next victim is another Nazi, but she couldn’t eat him entirely because he called his friends and Sheila had to call Anne.

Anne is still convinced that Sheila is an instrument of God and is doing miraculous things. She is now worshiping and helping her.


Sheila and Joel found out that a Knight of Serbia was really looking for them. The Knight’s name is Paul, and so far, the only info he has is that they are looking for a realtor couple in Santa Clarita.

Paul was the one who blew up the clam farm while Sheila and Joel were there – he wasn’t able to recognize him.

Paul found an article of a realtor couple online and thought he was the one he was looking for – but they actually got it wrong; they found Chris and Christa, Joel and Sheila’s competitor.


Paul’s brother is now doing the work as a Knight of Serbia, his name is Tommy. Tommy is now after Christa. Sheila and Joel are trying to save Christa, and to prove that she’s undead, Sheila stabbed Christa with a pen.

Sheila offered Joel to bite him so they would be immortal together. Joel wants to be with Sheila, but he is still hesitant to transform into an undead.


Ramona came back from Seattle to get Mr. Ball Legs because it gets weak when it is far from the host. When Ramona was about to leave, the ball legs attacked the man who asked her for the rent money.

Sheila’s ball also started sprouting legs after Joel took it out from the freezer and placed it in the aquarium.

The Knight of Serbia guy, Tommy, called Joel telling him he had some information – but Tommy just discovered that it really is Joel and Sheila he’s looking for.


Tommy tried killing Sheila, but she ended up inspiring him. Sheila’s now safe from Tommy.

Ron (a friend Joel met in the asylum) asked Sheila to bite him to have a better life. Sheila refused to bite him, but Ron came back and met Gary. Ron put his finger as Gary laughed – and now Ron is also undead.


Joel applied to be a Knight of Serbia. He is still making the application by taking videos of himself doing the trial.

Joel is also looking for Ron, who is now posting online that he’s undead. He connected with Ron’s friend, Morgan – who also turned out to be undead, but Joel and Sheila don’t know that. Abby showed up and saved them from Morgan. She was also the one who stabbed Morgan in the head.


Joel and Sheila helped Abby get away with her first bombing by blaming someone they had already killed.

Serbians are looking for the undead – and they want Sheila alive before the Knight of Serbia kills her. For now, they only have Joel’s name.


Sheila turns to an old woman named Jean because she feels sorry for her. Jean is dying and may not be able to see her granddaughter. When she turned Jean, they had an agreement that she couldn’t kill and will have to wait for Sheila to bring her food – but the both of them ended up killing Jean’s nurse, who had been scamming her.

Joel kept Ron in the basement to make sure he stopped turning his friends. Joel and Sheila finally accepted Abby’s help and allowed her to apply Joel’s hair as a Knight of Serbia.

Sheila’s ball has escaped the aquarium.


Sheila managed to get the ball while Joel gets interviewed to be a Knight of Serbia. Joel became a Knight of Serbia.

Ron was captured by some Serbians looking for the undead – Ron could get away when he bit the two Serbians who arrested him. Those two are recklessly killing in Santa Clarita and are now going after Joel.


During the launching of Sheila and Joel’s own reality company – 3 of Sheila’s friends showed up. Jean, who Sheila turned undead. Ron, who’s undead and admitted to previously turning 2 Serbian guys. And Tommy, who was the previous Knight of Serbia.

Mr. Dobrivoje Poplović also arrived and captured Joel, thinking he was undead. Mr. Poplović’s plan is to use the fluid from the undead’s body as anti-aging and then earn money. Sheila arrived to rescue Joel but got trapped. Sheila’s friends – Jean, Ron, and Tommy, showed up and saved them. Sheila and Joel were able to kill Mr. Poplović.

The Serbian undead guys were killed by Abby while they were looking for Joel.

Joel has decided to become undead so he can be with Sheila forever. Suddenly, Mr. Ball Legs entered Joel’s ears. Sheila got worried – so she bit Joel.

The End of Santa Clarita Diet Season 3.

There is no Season 4 since Netflix has canceled this show.

Season 1 || Season 2 || Season 3

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