The Stranger  Season 1 (Summary)

The Stranger  Season 1 Summary


During a game in his son’s school, Adam Price was approached by a female stranger. She told Adam that his wife, Corinne Price, had faked her pregnancy. She told him to look for a charge on their account called Novelty Funny.

Adam confirmed that there was a charge, and it was to help Corinne fake her pregnancy.

Adam confronted Corinne about this, but she simply told him that he couldn’t tell him yet as there was more to it. Corinne disappeared and texted Adam that she needed time away.

Adam and Corinne’s son, Thomas Price, went to a party last night which involved a dead alpaca and an almost dead kid left naked in a forest.


Corinne is still missing. Adam looked for the woman named Suzanne Hope, whom Corinne mentioned also faked her pregnancy before. When he met Suzanne, her husband beat him and told him to stay away. The police also visited Adam, looking for Corinne – they need to talk to her because a considerable amount of money from the football club is also missing.

Heidi Doyle owns a cafe and is friends with DS Johanna Griffin. Heidi was approached by the Stranger, informing her that her daughter Kimberley Doyle is participating in a website where she is a sugar baby. The Stranger asked Heidi for money in exchange for keeping Kimberley’s videos safe.

Heidi was approached by a man claiming to be a policeman, but he ended up shooting her in the leg. That man’s name is Patrick Katz, Johanna’s colleague.

Johanna is handling a case of a decapitated alpaca and the naked kid in the forest, Dante Gunnarsson. It leads them to Thomas Price and his friends (Mike Tripp and Daisy Hoy).


Thomas’s friend, Mike Tripp, was caught by the police while trying to bury the alpaca’s head. He was questioned. He was high that night he decapitated the alpaca, as something else was added to his drink.

Adam is still looking for Corinne. He talked to Suzanne Hope, who told him that she’s pretending to be pregnant for her emotional needs. He asked help from Martin Killane, one of his clients, to track down the Stranger. He thought he tracked her, but he had just met with a woman who also revealed secrets by the Stranger.

Johanna looked for Heidi, so she went to her cafe – but found her dead. The last man Heidi talked to was Patrick Katz.

Adam’s sons used an app to track Corinne. They found her just 2 miles away. Adam looked through Corinne’s call logs and found Doug Tripp’s number. Doug is their neighbor, Mike’s father. (When Adam asked, Doug said she talked to Corinne about the missing money from the football club.)


Johanna found Heidi’s dead body inside her cafe. She started the investigation along with Katz, Heidi’s murderer. Johanna found evidence that Corinne had been at the crime scene, so she talked to Adam.

Adam and his kids looked for Corinne by tracking her phone via the app. They only found her phone on the bridge. Adam looked through Corinne’s phone and found a call history for a contact named ‘That Bitch‘. Adam checked the number on his phone, and it belonged to Sally Prentice – his colleague whom he slept with. Corinne knew that they were having an affair, and she threatened Sally but never told Adam any of this.


The Stranger was injured after she told a man his secret and he got angry. The Stranger’s partner, Ingrid Prisby, is worried about her. The Stranger and Ingrid started doing this to save up money for a bar they wanted – but for The Stranger, it’s more than just the money.

Adam was able to track Ingrid but lost her during a car chase.

Adam is Martin Killane’s lawyer, and he is helping him keep his home since there will soon be a demolition. Martin declined the luxurious offers in exchange for his home. Adam did his best, but Martin still lost his home – during the destruction of his house, a body was found.


The body in Martin’s wall is of his wife, Natasha. He ended up killing her a long time ago since she was about to leave him. Since he’s a policeman, he knows how to avoid suspicion.

Corinne’s car was found near the airport, but it’s clean, with no other trace of evidence except for a piece of jewelry.

Patrick Katz, the policeman who killed Heidi, was hired by a businessman who used the sugar baby dating site. The businessman hired Katz because someone (the Stranger) blackmailed him for money. Katz is after who the Stranger is so the businessman could not be exposed.

Adam was in a hospital since Martin attempted to commit suicide. Adam once again saw the Stranger, who was stunned to see him.


Johanna is also investigating Dante’s case. He is that kid who was found naked in the forest. Dante finally woke up, and he told Johanna about what happened to him – he was with Daisy Hoy (Thomas’s friend) that night. They went to the lake, and Dante suggested they take a bath, but Daisy only took his clothes and ran. He was later on chased by Max Bonnet, and Dante tripped on something. Max just left him there.

Katz found out (after talking to Thomas) that his own wife is torturing their daughter, Olivia Katz. She’s making her sick intentionally. Katz took the job from the businessman to get treatment for Olivia.

After Katz talked to Johanna about what he was going through, their colleague, DC Wesley Ross, called her and told her that Katz was caught in a CCTV. Katz chased Johanna and pointed a gun at her.

Adam and his father, Edgar Prince, are going through Martin’s stuff when they find a photo of him and the Stranger. It turns out, the Stranger is Martin’s daughter. Her name is Chris.


Johanna was able to get away from Katz because his wife arrived.

Adam got The Stranger’s (Chris) address and went to her. Katz also arrived since he had Johanna’s phone. Katz killed Chris’s partner, Ingrid, and he was arrested.

Chris revealed who she is – she knows that her father killed her mother. And she also knows that Martin is not her real father. Her mother had an affair with Adam’s father. Chris did a DNA test and confirmed that Edgar Price is also her father.

Chris was hired by Bob Baime, the football coach, to dig dirt on Corrine. When Adam confronted Bob, Bob said that he heard from Doug Tripp that Corrine would steal money and pin it on him. Adam confronted Tripp.

Adam got a gun handed by Chris (owned by Katz), so he could threaten Doug. Doug took him to where Corinne was, but sadly, she was already dead. Doug took him to where she buried Corinne. He killed Corinne because she pressured him with the money he stole, and he still couldn’t pay it.

Adam was so angry that he shot Doug and killed him. Just in time, Johanna arrived. She was able to track Adam using Thomas’s app.

Six months later, Adam and Johanna met. Johanna has already retired. The two of them talked about not sleeping well at night, knowing they framed Corinne’s murder to Katz. When Johanna saw Doug’s dead body that day, she set it up to link Corinne’s and Doug’s murder to Katz because she doesn’t want Adam to go to jail because of killing Doug.

The Stranger, Chris, disappeared, but she is not being sought since those people she exposed secrets to don’t want to press charges. In the last scene, she looks at Adam and his family and their father enjoying football.

The end of  The Stranger (Netflix Series) season 1. I don’t think season 2 would be necessary. Season 2 is still not confirmed. 


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