Dead to Me Season 2 (Summary)

Dead to Me Season 2 Summary


Judy Hale helped Jen Harding get rid of Steve Wood’s body. The next day, Jen’s neighbor, Karen, visited her and mentioned their CCTV that showed Steve getting inside her house.  Judy is back in Jen’s house again, she had nowhere else to go, and Jen also needed her. The next day, someone knocked on the door – they saw Steve.


It wasn’t really Steve, but his semi-identical twin brother, Ben Wood. Ben was looking for Steve and mentioned that the FBI is the one handling the case. Steve’s body is in a massive fridge inside Jen’s house.


Judy is bothered by knowing that Steve is just in a freezer in the house. She wants to dispose of him properly out of respect. She also thinks that they are being haunted by Steve – they once heard sounds from the fridge, and it turned out to be just rats. Jen tried to dissolve the rats in chemicals, and it is what she plans to do to dispose of Steve’s body, but Judy would not allow it.


Jen and Judy buried Steve deep in the forest. Judy cried at the bar after planting Steve because she wanted to give him a proper burial. Henry found the bird gift from Judy that Jen used to kill Steve. Charlie found Steve’s car in their storage.


Charlie used Steve’s car and drove around, thinking the car was a birthday gift to him. The car ran out of gas, and Charlie called Jen for help. Jen was so mad and worried, she decided to entirely burn down the car.


Charlie’s girlfriend, Parker, posted a photo of the car on her Instagram, and Jen paid her to take it down. Steve’s phone records showed multiple calls to Judy. Police contacted Ben and told him they found remains, but it wasn’t Steve. The police found Steve’s car that Jen burned down.

Judy is seeing a woman named Michelle, and it turns out Michelle is still living with her ex, who was the police looking after Steve’s case – Perez.


Judy stopped seeing Michelle. Ben and Jen kissed during the vigil for Steve. Charlie saw a photo of Steve with his car – he recognized the car as the one he previously used.


Charlie asked about the car, Judy and Jen lied about it. Jen’s home was vandalized with ‘i know what you did’; Jen checked the CCTV from her neighbor – Parker. She also called the police regarding Steve’s car.


Jen and Ben slept together. Police got the photos of Charlie and Parker in Steve’s car; CCTV also showed Charlie driving.  Jen revealed to Judy that she was the one who attacked Steve, and it wasn’t really self-defense.


Jen confessed to Perez. Perez still thinks Judy has something to do with Steve’s death. Perez and Jen talked about their moms, and Perez asked Jen to go home; she said she didn’t want to be a cop at that moment. Judy turned over evidence to the police in connection to the Greek Mafia – it was robust evidence that the police were able to link to Steve’s death.

A hiker found Steve’s body in the forest. Perez gave Judy her paintings – she hid cash in her paintings. Jen and Judy bought a car for Charlie but got hit before giving it to him. Both of them were not critically injured after the accident. The driver who hit them ran away – it was Ben.

The End of Dead to Me Season 2. According to this website, Season 3 has not been confirmed yet. It is too early to tell since season 2 only came out this month, May 2020. 

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  1. Definitely enjoyed season 2 – I think I have a love/hate relationship with Judy! At times she’s really adorable and thoughtful and at others just plain annoying.

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