Only You (Movie Spoiler/Summary)

Year: 1994
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

As a child, Faith was told by the Ouija board and fortune teller that her destiny was named Damon Bradley. When she got a call with that name, she went to Italy and looked for him even when she was about to get married in a few days. She thought she had found him, but his real name was actually Patrick, and he just pretended to be Damon. She still ended up falling for him. She found the honest Damon, but there was no spark.. she just proclaimed her love to Patrick in front of Damon Bradley.

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Forever Winter

Just reading and writing my way out of this messy adult life! I have transitioned from having piles of notebooks stacked underneath my bed from writing on the internet and allowing people worldwide to read.

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