The Kissing Booth 1 (Movie Spoiler/Summary)

Year: 2018
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Elle Evans and Lee Flynn have been best friends ever since they were kids. They hang out in each other’s houses, go to the same school, and have a set of rules for each other. They are like twins with how close they are.

Lee has an older brother named Noah – who rides on a motorbike, who has a reputation. He also likes to fight, and most girls have a crush on him, including Elle.

After being stood up by her date with a guy who fought with Noah (because the guy touched her while wearing a very short skirt), Elle discovered that Noah warned boys to stay away from her. Elle was thrilled to finally go on a date, and she was furious at Noah for interfering.

Since Elle and Lee are in a dance club, they have to develop something that will generate funds, and they both agreed on setting up a kissing booth. Elle had to trick the OMG girls (who liked Noah a lot) into thinking that Noah Flynn would be coming so they’d help her organize the booth.

The kissing booth turned out to be a great idea because tons were lining up to kiss. Elle could not convince Noah to join, so they had to come up with something when the OMG girls asked for him since Noah was supposed to be the highlight of the kissing booth. Lee Flynn went in front and announced that he was next, instead of Noah, to get through it. Most of the girls in line backed out, except for one girl, whom Lee ended updating.

After Lee and his date took off, Elle had to manage the kissing booth alone. Since the OMG girls are furious at Elle for lying to them about having Noah in the booth, they pushed her to the stage, blindfolded. Noah was just in the audience, and when he saw Elle, he went up the stage and kissed her. They kissed slowly at first while she was blindfolded, and when she took the blindfold off, they still went on kissing.

Elle and Noah already have something going on after that. However, they keep it hidden because she and Lee had a rule. Elle could not date Noah. However, Lee still caught them kissing and was furious. According to Lee, Noah had everything except for Elle, and it hurts him that Noah has her now.

It took a long time for Lee to forgive Elle, but they still managed to reconcile. Noah was away at that time; he ran off after Elle asked him to go away. She was devastated because Lee was angry at him.
Elle and Lee are friends once again, and they even celebrated their birthday together at Flynn’s residence, but without Noah’s presence because he will then be going away for college. Elle realizes that she is still not happy in the middle of the party because she loves Noah. She told Lee about this, and they argued at first, but Lee understood eventually. They agreed to look for Noah so Elle could say to him that she loved him.

While in the car, Elle started talking about Noah, and the guy driving took off his mask, and it turned out to be Noah!
Noah and Elle became official even though they still separated because Noah was going away for college.

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